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Hey Friends,

we are so excited to have finally launched A Modern Remedy! We went live on Sunday night and thankfully everything went according to plan, though we were prepared for some spookiness and gremlins considering it was Halloween 🎃

Check out our digital family:
  • Our main site where we list the latest news and articles
  • Twitter - it’s where we tweet… 🐤
  • Limelight, our regular newsletter that you are reading right now
  • AMR Store, where you can stock up on mindful goods
  • AMR on Etsy, where you can find our digital prints
  • Our Patreon where you can support us and access member-only content, store discounts, monthly giveaways and more
Don’t worry about writing all that down at once - we’ve gone ahead and made a handy links page for you.

Now on with the show.

What's Happening

We made a thing! Here is our new logo sting, which we wanted to be fun, peaceful and inviting. It will be used as an intro for our future video content, planned for 2022. Can you believe it is nearly 2022 already? Oh where the decades go…
Animated GIF of the AMR logo.
To coincide with our launch we’ve designed some beautiful digital prints, which can be found at either our AMR Store or Etsy, with more on the way soon. Our intent is to create artwork that is not only visually appealing, but that can provide inspiration and invite discussion around mindfulness and self-growth. We’ve already had much interest in our current designs, notably our ‘Locus of Control’ print, which is based on social psychology and problem solving:

A wallprint with the words 'Things I Can Control' on a grey circle.
Our next designs will be centered around the themes of ‘balance’ and ‘success’, so keep a lookout for those. We are currently running a 25% off sale for all items as part of our launch, which will also apply to our new prints, until the end of November.

On a related note, we’ve been in talks with a few suppliers regarding printing and packaging for our artwork and future physical goods. Keeping consistent with our values, we plan to offer print-stock and packaging that is composed of recycled and non-toxic materials, by companies who give back to environmental causes. More to share on that soon ♻️

Reading Material

The main site has launched with 5 articles that we hope can add some value to your life, pique your curiosity and spark some meaningful conversations. We cover topics ranging from behind-the-scenes updates, environmental tips, productivity strategies and more. Oh, and a timely guide to vegan-friendly treats for Halloween. Seriously, we couldn’t believe that many of our favourite candies and ‘chocolate’ snacks were already vegan-certified. Enjoy:

Some of Our Favourite Things

Heard of the Fairphone? These fine folks have launched their latest product, the Fairphone 4. This isn’t any ordinary smartphone, as it is made with sustainability and fair-trade in mind. The company offers a whole range of spart parts to ensure your phone is repairable and increase the longevity of the device, and for every phone sold they will recycle an equal amount of electronic waste - helping to offset your environmental impact. The company is also Fairtrade Gold certified, meaning their materials are ethically sourced and they treat all their employees and workers with respect. Go check them out.

Pad Thai is delicious, and The Minimalist Baker has a quick, easy and nutritious version that you will want to cook again and again. Bonus - it’s a gluten-free recipe and takes about 30 minutes to prepare. Follow along with the step-by-step video and thank us later 🍜

Home Time

That’s all for our first issue of Limelight, what did you think? The plan is to send out a new issue every fortnight, packed with helpful information, tools, tips and resources to enrich your life. We appreciate any feedback you have, as it will help us to better serve our community and shape our direction.

Until next time, have an amazing day you absolute champions 💚
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