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Hey Friends,

can you believe another two weeks have flown by? It feels just like yesterday we were putting the finishing touches on our inaugural issue of Limelight. Since last we spoke, we have added many more quality articles to the site, and even a review that has been two years in the making.

Some highlights:
Speaking of reviews, check out our ‘video-ette’ for our Light Phone 2 article (including our video sting mentioned in LL#1). This was really fun to shoot and we will soon be posting up similar bite-size trailers for a few reviews that are on the way:
A small black mobile phone surrounded by animated text.

What's Happening

The AMR site had a big revamp, and we’re quite happy with the new look and feel. Our previous design maintained our minimalistic principles, however it edged toward overly sparse. With the updated layout we were able to better highlight featured articles and still deliver important content in a fun and easy to read manner. As always, we’d love you feedback 🙂
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We continue to add mental health resources to our store, with some beautiful and insightful designs focusing on the themes of balance, change and success.
Orange and black geometric butterfly print.
👀 Keep your eyes peeled for new designs and remember our launch sale is running for a few more weeks so enjoy a 25% off discount on us. Excited to share more with you around our sustainable physical print offerings in the next update.

Talking Points

In response to one of our launch articles (Want to Offset Your Carbon Footprint? Here’s how), AMR reader Emma came through with a fantastic list of additional ways to reduce environmental impact, including:
  • Wash your clothes in cold water & drying your clothes outside
  • Avoiding fast fashion
  • Eat low on the food chain (plant based)
  • Choose organic and local when shopping
  • Switching off and unplugging devices to avoid overnight charging
And a big thanks to Mr Howes for the Twitter love:
Twitter screenshot that says 'Love this!'

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Wired has a great article featuring a list of everyday essentials that are made from recycled and upcycled materials. You’ll find a plethora of useful products made with the planet’s welfare in mind, including eco-friendly yoga mats, sustainable shoes and even a skateboard made out of fishing nets. Seriously.

Sure, it’s no longer Halloween, but for our northern hemisphere friends the fall season is in full swing and that means eating orange things (which is a great colour). Enjoy a delicious vegan-friendly pumpkin pie recipe from VegNews 🧡

Home Time

Issue #2 is in the books. Thank you again to our growing community, it’s been awesome to interact with you, learn and share. Looking forward to continuing our growth and evolution as we seek to bring you helpful resources and content to add value to your life.

Until next time, keep on being awesome 💚
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