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Hey Friends,

how is everyone travelling?

It is hard to believe that it is nearly 2022! Does anyone else feel like the last 24 months have simultaneously flown by in the blink of an eye and yet been equally dragged out? Fret not, as our occlusion to experiencing time in a relative fashion means we have both endured a challenging stretch in a shorter-than-normal period whilst simultaneously being blessed with the ability to enjoy the present moment for longer. Or at least that is a healthier cognitive re-frame that we can get behind when reflecting on the last few years. Somehow, we’ve found ourselves with the mental ability to speed up and slow down time!

One of the coolest aspects of starting AMR has been connecting with likeminded individuals who care about the environment in many different ways. Along the way we’ve been made aware of many unique companies offering sustainable solutions and are planning out our editorial roadmap with reviews and features for the next few months to highlight some of the more interesting products and services. And that cuts to the core of what AMR is all about - purpose built to help serve a growing community of mindful folk with resources that will help them live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, and in turn help our planet.

With so much to read, explore and experience, it feels like we dove into an endless ocean of opportunity, optimism and good vibes, and we love being able to share that with you all. The team are busy evaluating and researching, and it is great to see our little dream building momentum.

That said, here are some of our latest articles:

What's Happening

We’ve been hard at work on crafting resources with a focus on mastering everyday challenges, such as developing a positive sleep routine, de-cluttering personal environments and achieving daily priorities.

The design team have a produced a beautiful Daily Goal Planner which aims to go beyond a simple ‘to-do’ list by including health and wellbeing aspects right alongside goals and tasks. The idea being to challenge the definition of what a ‘successful’ day looks like, beyond tracking objective-based productivity and instead shifting toward a holistic approach inclusive of mind and body priories, all in a minimalistic design with plenty of room for note taking.
Pages of a digital planner.
The Today Daily Goal Planner works on mobile, PC and desktop, is available in two colours (more coming soon) and can be edited in your favourite PDF app (or printed on recycled paper). As a special thank you, Limelight readers receive a 25% discount by using the code LIMELIGHT25 at checkout (or by following this link).

As 2021 draws to a close, many people set their sights on the new calendar year and the notion of planning for a successful 2022. For some it is a time for reinvention, progression or even resolutions. With that in mind, the team is close to announcing a suite of tools and resources that we hope will add value to your life and help support your goals and plans for the new year and beyond.
Limelight readers will be among the first to see our new releases and we will have more to share in the next issue - so stay tuned! 👀
A man standing at the top of a mountain, overlooking a mountainous landscape.

Brain Matter

“Everything is 100% off if you don’t buy it”
-The Minimalists

It’s that time of the year when you will be bombarded with sales. But before you go spending yourself into debt, consider making peace with the best deal of them all:

Save your money, and instead spend your moments with people you love.

That hot deal or percentage saving that’s threatening to disappear if you don’t act fast? It will be back, in one form or another. Promise.

Now more than ever, it’s time to invest in people and not shiny objects, as there is no substitute for showing up and being there for the people you love, even if that is limited to a voice or a screen.

“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.”
-Carl Jung

It is true that our nature is to stereotype - it is one of our many cognitive survival techniques that has enabled our species to endure on our planet for thousands of years. Yet it is equally true that sometimes our lizard brain tendencies can inhibit us from living our best lives as we seek the safety of muted experiences.

Likewise, spare a moment to reflect instead of reacting when faced with an uncomfortable situation or experience. Yes, it will require more processing power but ultimately lead to a more balanced, fair and rationale outcome for you and the people you are involved with. Because being quick to judgement rarely helps anyone.

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Organic Basics recently partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to help build out regenerative organic cotton farms in a bid to show it is possible to sustainably harvest organic cotton and help to further reduce their environmental impact. The team were able to successfully raise enough funds through customer donations to begin the first phase of their pilot program, a big win for sustainable textile production! They also make amazing, sustainable, wardrobe essentials - go check them out.

For those cooks out there who enjoy seasoning, Vegan Blueberry has a quick and easy way to make Italian-style Bread Crumbs. Great for this time of year, or anytime really as they keep for up to three months, meaning your crispy fried cauliflower can be enjoyed year round. Ah, Perfetto 👌

Looking for some holiday cooking inspiration? The Green Loot has an epic list of plant-based recipes for all your holiday menu needs! We’re talking roasts, desserts, cookies and sides aplenty! 👩‍🍳

Avoid the chill and rug up with a 100% recycled polyester Teddy Coat from WVS. Cozy, stylish and perfect for snuggling, Will’s has plenty of sustainable and ethical fashion for men, women and kiddies too. 😎

Home Time

That’s all for this issue folks. The world has been a bit crazy the last few days, so here’s a reminder to give someone a call and see how they are doing, share a memory and a laugh or two. You might be just the voice they need to hear.

Whatever your plans and however you celebrate, take care, be safe and enjoy sharing quality time with your friends and family. It’s been a wild year and we could all use a hug, a laugh and a cookie (or two).

Stay safe people.
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