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Hey Friends,

we are now in the final hours of 2021, and another year is drawing to a close. How has everyone been? Have you had a good holidays? Was this year better or worse for you compared to 2020? And how do you feel the next year will unfold?

For us at AMR, it has been a journey that we are grateful for - our little initiative is only a few months old and we have had much joy in being a part of so many inspiring communities as we continue to build ours.

They say that building in public is a humbling experience, and we can attest to that. We treat this space as a public journal, a way to compare our growth over time and also serve up interesting content that we hope will enrich your life. But it also provides a chance for us to be transparent in what we do, and that is important to us - it is a value that we cherish. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to come along with us and provide your support.

PS if you are seeking some fresh new fragrances for a fresh new year, check out our latest AMR Guide for some hot tips on non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free choices that will delight your olfactory organs!

What’s Happening

For many of us, a new year means planning out goals and tasks that we want to achieve over the coming twelve months. But honestly, every day is the perfect time to start taking steps toward the future you want to create - there is no magic rule that states you have to wait until January 1st to begin.

With that in mind, the team have delivered with a goal planner that is more than a standard checklist, but rather is designed to prompt some honest conversation about the how and why of goal planning, along with some reflective exercises and self-report measures to help you gauge your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Goal setting is more than creating a list of wants, and so to this planner goes beyond by helping you formulate a framework for success.

We hope you enjoy our latest creation, and as always readers of Limelight receive 25% using code LIMELIGHT25 at checkout.
Pages of a digital planner.

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Finding Mastery is an audio show hosted by Dr Michael Gervais, a Sport and Performance Psychologist. Featuring interviews with leading athletes, artists, scientists and mental health experts, the show dives deep into self-discovery and mastering the mental skills that allow these people to become the best in their field. A great listen and highly recommended. 🧠

Make It Dairy Free are yet another great resource for tasty and delicious plant-based meals that are kid approved. Andrew and Larisha have you covered if you are in the mood for gourmet-quality delights you can cook at home including chocolate chip quick bread, cinnamon roll pancakes, toaster strudels, brioche and gluten free blackberry cinnamon muffins. 🤤

Home Time

And with that, the final issue of MMXXI draws to a close. Until we speak again, all of us at AMR wish you a very happy, safe and prosperous new year. This is the part where we can say ‘see you next year’! But seriously, have an amazing start to 2022 - you deserve it.
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