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Hey Friends,

welcome to 2022! We hope that you’ve had a great start to the new year. What do you have your eyes set on achieving over the next 12 months? The beginning of the year is usually a time of reflection and goal setting, and here at AMR we have some lofty ambitions ourselves. Broadly speaking we are looking to grow our community in order to help share our four pillars (wellness, creativity, sustainable living & mindfulness) to a wider audience and continue to affect positive change on a larger scale.

We’ll continue to develop ‘in public’ and hope to square up some partnerships and interviews in the months ahead. As always thank you for being a part of the journey, we value your time and attention 💚

Another of our big goals is to remain consistent - to keep showing up every day and putting in the effort to build a game changing platform we can all be proud of. Be it mental health resources, motivational art, insightful articles or reviews of eco tech & greenwares, we are committed to being a force for good.

That said, here are some recent highlights:

What’s Happening

Planning achievable goals can be front of mind this time of year, yet setting up a wishful list of hopeful achievements will remain exactly that without strong support systems in place. Health goals are commonplace at the start of the year - stop smoking, start the gym, eat less junk, sleep better, etc. On that last point, sleeping more doesn’t necessarily equate to a higher quality of sleep, especially if you down your last coffee at 8pm!

The team have put together a dedicated sleep tracker, pulling together many top tips to ensure you give yourself the best chance at a quality night’s slumber. This monthly, undated sleep tracker will help you set health sleep habits and reflect on how small behavioural changes translate to big sleep improvements.
Similar to our detailed goal planner, the aim of this tracker is to provide you with a framework to for success. As always readers of Limelight receive 25% off by using code LIMELIGHT25 at checkout.

Brain Matter

“You become what you focus on and like the people you spend time with.”
-John Spence

This year, more than ever, we have an opportunity to re-write our lives and re-wire our brains. Though we may only have just begun to emerge from some very dark days, there is much optimism and opportunity awaiting us in this new world. Let’s use each new day to empathise with each other, break down hateful barriers and build up frameworks of success. The above quote is not so much about becoming insular and surrounded by likeminded people, but instead refocusing yourself on becoming your very best self and populating your life with a cast of ambitious and knowledgeable people. Power yourself up so you can spread even more light in this world.

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Veganuary are a great resource for those curious about a plant-based lifestyle, fittingly named as many choose January to adopt health lifestyle choices. This non-profit supports both individuals and businesses alike to adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet which protects our environment and the welfare of animals. Packed with recipe guides, nutritional tips and special offers, Veganuary is perfect to share with plant-curious friends & family any time of the year. 🌱

The Diary of a CEO is an audio show hosted by Steven Bartlett, a successful Entrepeneur who transformed his life from that of a young, broke university dropout to co-founding one of the UK’s fastest growing companies with a current market valuation of over half a billion dollars. When not running multiple businesses, he interviews some of the world’s most influential people, where Bartlett and guest go deep on the topics of curiosity, failure, ambition, happiness, confidence and procrastination. These interviews unlock wonderful life lessons from highly successful individuals - with pearls of wisdom and plenty of laughs sprinkled in along the way. 🧠

Home Time

Well, we did it, 2022 is undeniably underway. Let’s make a promise to take control of our future and set ourselves up for a really great year ahead. We may not be able to predict everything life will throw at us, but we can certainly give ourselves the very best chance at success and happiness. 2022 feels like it will be an adventure, and we are very much looking forward to it.
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