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Hey Friends,

we trust this edition reaches you safe and sound during these turbulent times. The world is only now emerging from a two-year long pandemic, facing the horrifying notion of a new European war and here in Australia we are dealing with record summer rainfalls that have left large areas of our eastern capitol cities underwater due to extreme flooding.

Through it all, we remain hopeful for a better tomorrow, one of peace, happiness and prosperity for all. If you’d like to contribute to organisations who are assisting those in need, here are a few who could really use your help right now:

What’s Happening

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, but why should we limit ourselves to expressing our love for each other to just one day? And why not also point that affection inward? Why not use love as a framework to help guide our thoughts, feelings and behaviours on the daily, for ourselves and others?

With that in mind, we created a range of prints to reflect universal love - a subtle (and we think stylish) reminder to let love be the framework of your every day life. Our new digital prints come in a range of minimal tones which will compliment any room, and are also available in a very cool ‘galaxy variant’, as well as multipack bundles:
Animated words on a scrolling green galaxy background.
Black and white geometric wireframe heart prints hanging on a wall in a home.
As always, readers of Limelight receive 25% off by using code LIMELIGHT25 at checkout.

And speaking of frameworks, we’ve been hard at work creating a ‘Success Framework’ Notion template which we will soon make available for free to all future and existing Limelight readers. Watch this space for more info 👀

Brain Matter

“Work hard if you must, work smart if you can”

Grinding away at your goals is all well and good if hard work if the only metric of success. But what if there was an easier way to do things that could net you the same result, with less manual effort, in a quicker timeframe?
This quote is a reminder to always show up, but to also take a moment to reflect on the processes you employ and question whether the time you are investing is yielding sufficient rewards. If not, rethink your strategy and be open to better ways of moving toward your intended outcomes.

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Notion is a great tool for planning projects, life tasks, building a knowledge hub for your team or just taking down notes. It’s a powerful piece of flexible software that can be made as simple or complex as required. Notion is fit for purpose, your purpose, whatever that needs to be. As mentioned, we are converting some of our most popular organiser products into a tool that we want to share with our growing community as a thank you for entrusting your time to us. 📝

Cooking with Parita is back with another unique dish, a Strawberry Lemon Dutch Baby. This mouth-watering recipe will make you the star of your next breakfast or brunch gathering. A perfectly sweet treat, just look at those photos! 🤤

Home Time

Another month is behind us! We have many big announcements to share in the coming weeks which didn’t quite make it in time for this issue, so stay tuned to our Twitter for the latest info.

We hope everyone continues to kick goals as the year progresses and that you remain safe, happy and healthy during these wild times. We’ve all made it this far, and we will continue to make it through everything together, driven by love and care for each other. We got this!
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