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TheYearAhead (12-Jan-2023)

We've got a new look

Hey friends,

Happy new year! How was everyone's holiday season and end of year hijinks? Can you believe that it's 2023? Or that it's nearly February. Seriously, where does the time go. Hopefully you've had a great start into what will be a very interesting (and awesome) next twelve months.

For AMR, the new year has brought a few changes, including a new look for Limelight. It's the same newsletter you love, but with a few changes under the hood. But more on that in a bit.

As mentioned in our last issue, we have quite a lot planned for 2023, which will roll out over the course of the year. Can't wait to share all that we've been working on and look forward to our continued evolution as we strive to become a bigger and more impactful platform for positive change.


The latest:

TheYearAhead (12-Jan-2023)

The Next Chapter: AMR In 2023

A new year means there is a lot to be excited about. For us, it will be a year of growth and elevation, a year of building upon the foundation of a successful first twelve months. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for A Modern Remedy for 2023.

Good News, UN Says Earth’s Ozone Layer Is Slowly Healing

It’s taken nearly 35 years, but there are now signs that the Earth’s protective ozone layer is beginning to heal. Experts have also provided advice on what it will take for a full recovery.

Why You Should Give Veganuary A Go In 2023

Each January, people traditionally set resolutions and look to make positive life choices. But have you heard of Veganuary? No, that’s not a typo. We break down what it is and why you should take part in this awesome challenge.

You may have missed:

What's happening

AMR news: As mentioned, there are big things on the way for A Modern Remedy. For starters, we have migrated Limelight from its previous home and are now hosting it on our own site. This means we have more control and customisation at our disposal, as seen in our refreshed design of the newsletter you are reading right now! It also enables us to better integrate and advertise our newsletter to AMR readers and we are no longer dependant on another platform or algorithm to reach a wider audience.

Our social channels are in the midst of a maker over as well, with a brand-new design system being worked, alongside us branching out to new sites in order to expand our reach and build our growing community of changemakers. If you are on Post.News or Mastodon, give us a follow! 💚

Brain matter

When you are feeling like things are a chore, or what's about to come is seemingly laborious, here's a little trick to get you through it all. A simple reframe is all that's needed to help shift your perspective. Choose to see what you are about to experience as an adventure. What exciting tales await you? The possibilities are endless...

It's a great way to remember that you don't have to do the thing, but rather, you get to. So why not have some fun and be grateful for the opportunity. 🧠

Member's corner

This month we discussed the future of AMR Alpha membership, with a big focus on delivering even more value for our members. Much like the main site, expect more changes and improvements as we move forward, including even more exclusive content, editorials and the launch of a members-only newsletter.

From the next issue of Limelight, we will feature a snippet of exclusive content and a roundup of the latest articles that our members get to enjoy (in their entirety) as part of their membership.

Some of our favourite things

Alternative social sites: Turns out there's a world of social networking platforms outside of those you may be familiar with. We've recently joined Post.News and Mastodon, enjoying their fresh takes on decentralised networking and a focus on quality content and community building instead of algorithms and growth at the expense of user wellbeing (or privacy). 😊

Home time

And that's a wrap! What did you think of our refreshed format? We're still tinkering with it, but this is a good solid step in the direction we are looking to take as part of our efforts to grow AMR.

It's easy to say that the future is looking particularly bright; plenty of interesting articles, videos and partnerships that will be on the way in the days and weeks (and months) ahead!

What do you have planned for 2023? Here's hoping that your goals will be realised, and let's make this year the best year yet. 💚
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