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Hey friends,

lately there has been a recurring theme playing out on the internet. It's very subtle, yet it is woven into so many hot topic issues that it is nearly impossible to ignore once you notice it. Put simply, old things are back in focus, albeit with a new twist.

Take sustainability. In the face of developing new technologies to solve the plastic pollution crisis, researchers have instead turned to good old-fashioned mushrooms as a viable, more sustainable material. Social media is both new and old, in that the old platforms appear to be giving way to new upstarts, as is the case with Twitter and Post - an article coming later this month addressing how we are changing in that regard too. AI chatbots are putting a new spin on the old paradigms of online advertising, and in a new twist, the old saying of 'eat your vegetables' now appears to benefit the mind, not just your body.

Funny how just when you think you have something figured out, a small wrinkle, a tiny update, or a fresh perspective can come along and change everything.

Let's get you up to speed:

Breaking up with plastic is hard, for many reasons

Plastic. We all know it’s bad for the environment, yet why is it so hard to ditch this pervasive material? Let’s breakdown the challenge of breaking up with the synthetic partner that keeps coming back.
A line up of various smartphones.

The state of smartphone sustainability in 2023

A cracked screen led me down a path to investigate the feasibility of fixing a broken smartphone in 2023. Let’s examine whether you should (or could) repair, recycle or replace your broken phone.
Cartoon robot hands forming a love heart gesture around a shopping bag.

AI is about to make online advertising even more weird

Online advertising revenue has continued to tumble in recent years, thanks in part to increased regulation and an uptake in consumer privacy controls. But how will AI factor into ad-tech, and will you even know you are being marketed to?
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What's happening

Interviews ahoy: We've recently begun recording episodes of our forthcoming audio show, but instead of waiting until we have a whole season in the bank, we've decided to put the transcriptions up for you to enjoy early. The first is with Dr Megan Lee, an academic at Bond University, Australia, who specialises in nutritional psychiatry. Dr Lee shared insights on how dietary patterns can influence mood, and be a spring for preemptive, positive psychological outcomes. Highly recommended listening for those interested in mental health and wellness.

May will see another episode released, and we have confirmed another three guests that will be recorded over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the official release of season one, and be sure to have a read of these impactful conversations in the meantime. 🎙️
News: Big shoutout to everyone who has joined us over on Post. The community has been a delight to interact with and this is fast becoming our favourite social channel. Be sure to follow us for the latest AMR news, along with a weekly dose of uplifting content. 💚

Member's corner

This month our Lumier members learned how to scrub their personal data from the seedy hands of online data brokers, and got the inside scoop on the latest changes to our site along with future plans for 2023.

We also published an exclusive feature for members, examining the history of ad-tech and the role that AI might play in advertising within the not-too-distant future. Here's an excerpt:

Imagine a world where AI scans your documents, emails and other digital activities. It follows you around the web, offering help and assistance, whilst also keeping tabs on your likes and dislikes. Sounds eerily similar to the data trackers we’ve just blocked, only with far reaching efficacy. How long before AI’s are infused in marketing or advertising strategies?

Turns out the answer is, any day now. Big Tech will soon enable advertisers to utilise generative AI for their ad campaigns, helping them regain their laser focus and precision, resonating with potential audiences like never before.
But, you might be thinking, I made it through the era of television advertising and then target ads served up on social media, surely AI will be no different? What if every ad is powered by the equivilent of all of humanities’ combined knowledge? And what if those ads are in fact served by your trusty, handy and reliable AI chatbot? How would you be able to tell what is and what isn’t an ad? Where will the data be sourced from, and will it follow you across devices and accounts?

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Some of our favourite things

Sustainable Jungle: Awesome site, packed with heaps of wonderful information on all things sustainability. The team has a wealth of resources to help make eco-conscious lifestyles just that much easier to implement. ♻️

Home time

We don't really think of the internet as an old technology, yet it has been around for quite some time now. Through this newly-old medium we've made a bunch of new connections, found what seems like limitless resources and are building a growing community of changemakers each day.

A huge thank you to the nearly 3,000 of you who are following us on social channels, and the over 5,000 of you who are visiting our site each month. Your support keeps AMR alive and inspires us to keep advocating for positive impact.

Until next time, stay safe and smash your goals like only you can! 💚
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