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Hey Friends,

the second half of 2022 is upon us! Here in Australia we are braving the icy chill of winter, though there have been a few sunnier days here and there that have enabled us to get out and shoot some content by the mystic forests and clear-water beaches. We are truly spoilt with natural beauty in this country of ours. Elsewhere, our northern-hemisphere neighbours are battling some epic heat waves. We wrote about how the devastating impact of climate change is now forcing us to rethink the weather conditions and seasonal identity of some countries, especially as they hit record temperatures. These are indeed wild, if not unforeseen, times we are living through. If you can, spare a thought for those who are trying to save their homes from the wildfires currently thrashing Europe, and lend some support if you can - I’m sure they would appreciate it. 🙏

Here’s the latest:

What’s Happening

Interviews: Last week we recorded an interview (AMR 006) with Mike Smith, founder of Zero Co. We spoke about the company’s approach to sustainable home cleaning and body care products, unique business model and exciting future plans. Mike is incredibly down to earth, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next for this dynamic brand. This one will be up next week, and stay tuned for an extensive follow up product review coming very soon. 👀

We also had the opportunity to interview Peter Hardwood (AMR 007), co-founder and director of Planet Health, the company behind vegan-nutrition brand VITUS wholefoods. We recently reviewed some of the VITUS range, and came away very impressed. This interview will also be posted in the next few weeks. 📆

Reviews: As mentioned, this month we reviewed products by VITUS, makers of plant-based nutrition sourced from wholefoods. Sassy Organics kindly provided us with a VITUS Starter Kit, featuring the company’s vegan protein, multi and omega powders. Check out our full review for more information and make sure to visit Sassy Organics for all your cruelty-free health and wellness needs. 🐰

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Brain Matter

“So, to prevent fatigue and worry, the first rule is: Rest often.
Rest before you get tired.”
-Dale Carnegie

Charlie says: Proper rest is a super important, yet often neglected ingredient for mental health and wellness. Unfortunately, people tend to avoid taking a break due to stigmas and perceptions of laziness, weakness or guilt at feeling non-productive. Sure, it’s possible to stave off tiredness and mental fatigue through caffeine, pep-talks and doubling-down, but these are temporary at best. Instead, make the time to disengage from the stressors of daily life and recharge your battery. Don’t wait until you are so exhausted that you make a mistake, instead have the foresight to schedule in a rest and work toward it. And make sure it is a proper rest - ensure you are free from all distractions and attention demanding devices, and make relaxation a priority. Soon you will restore your energy levels and be able to see things with a fresh set of eyes and renewed vitality. You’d be surprised at how doing nothing can actually help you do more. 🧠

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Milky Plant are makers of a ‘plant-based milk machine’ designed to help make, as the name suggests, at-home plant-milk a breeze. This compact device can produce all types of plant-milk, including: oat, almond, soy, rice, hemp, coconut, potato and pea-milk! If you’re looking to save the earth (less packaging), your wallet (less $ p/litre) and your health (no nasty chemicals), then check out Milky Plant today. 🌱

No Issue are a platform offering sustainable packing solutions, including boxes, mailers, stickers, tape, cards and more. The company provides custom design services and low minimum order quantities - making them a perfect fit for small businesses. All products are either compostable, recycled or reusable. ♻️

Home Time

Another month draws to a close! Feels like a cliche, but there are so many exciting things coming to AMR that we can’t wait to reveal over the next few weeks and months. Our community continues to grow, and we are fast approaching 1000 amazing people on Twitter. A big thank you as always to everyone who has decided to invest their time and attention with us, we’ll continue to serve you as best as we can.

Until next time, stay safe and see you on the flip side!
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