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Hey Friends,

how you been? This month has been our busiest yet, with quite a lot to catch up on. In fact, there’s more of you to update than ever before! Our little community is about to pass a significant milestone; numbering 1000 strong. To celebrate that fact, and to say thank you for your support, we will be announcing some giveaways next week (you heard it here first!). Be sure to follow our Twitter and TikTok so you don’t miss our announcement. Much to cover, so let’s dive in!

Here’s a roundup of the latest articles, just for you:

What's happening

Interviews: This month we published two reviews. The first was AMR 006 with Zero Co director & founder Mike Smith, who spoke with us about how (and why) he started a home cleaning and body care company focused on un-trashing the planet. Mike spoke at length about his inspiration and ethos, and how Zero Co is on a mission to make sustainability fun and accessible. Next up was AMR 007 with Wolven founder Kiran Jade. The company has a unique take on activewear, blending Eastern aesthetics and intricate, vibrant patterns that are like nothing else on the market. Wolven’s commitment to sustainability is seen right across the board, from using recycled fabrics to being powered by renewable electricity.

Reviews: The long-awaited Apollo Neuro review has finally landed! We spent a month using this unique wearable, testing out what impact the device would have on health and wellbeing. The results were certainly a welcome surprise! 🧘‍♀️
Apollo Neuro Review
Speaking of health, VITUS (makers of vegan-friendly, wholefood sourced supplements) have kindly sent us their new spirulina formula. We’ll report back soon with our findings after we put it to the test. In the meantime, check out our earlier review of the VITUS range (with special thanks to Sassy Organics).

In the coming weeks we’ll also be publishing our first book review, courtesy of our partner, Shambhala Publications, who have organised a little something special for AMR readers. More on that soon! 👀
Two books on a brown table.
Events: We headed out to the coast on Sunday July 31st to celebrate National Tree Day and help plant some trees alongside sustainable stationery maker La Ria Creations. The event was set up by the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Group and Fifteen Trees - two wonderful organisations that could use your support.

Brain matter

“You never know your true limits, until you test them.”

Charlie says: How do you know your own strength if you never push yourself? For instance, some of us coast on talent, unaware of our true greatness that could be achieved through constructive feedback. It got us this far, so why push ourselves and risk a performative calamity? Others fall into the category of never trying and thus ‘avoiding’ failure and disappointment. Whilst these protective measures can work well in the short term, we end up missing out on living as our best selves, never knowing our actual capacity or abilities. Choose strength and authenticity. 💪

Some of our favourite things

Eco Pen Club how often do your pens go missing? Instead of reaching for yet another plastic writing utensil, why not opt for a more sustainable solution? EPC make eco-friendly pens and markers that are paper-based and highly compostable, helping to stop unnecessary plastic waste ending up in landfill. They also feature non-toxic inks! 🖊️

The UNTIRE Project this initiative aims to help recycle 1 million tires through community clean ups, salvages and drop offs. The startup is looking to bring more attention to the issue of recycling tires, which too often are disposed of through illegal dumping. Show them some love and help this important project. ♻️

Home time

Next month will be our penultimate issue! As we prepare for our 1-year birthday in October there will be more goodies on the way for the AMR community. As always, thank you for spending time with us and have an amazing week ahead!

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