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Hey Friends,

first off, just want to say a HUGE thank you to our community for all the support we’ve received over the last month. September continued our story of growth, as we celebrated some big milestones; crossing 1000 supporters on Twitter (now nearing 1250), over 3,000 views on our most recent TikTok, our biggest month for website traffic and our LinkedIn engagement was up a whopping 1900%! We will keep delivering content that we hope y’all love, content that educates, informs and helps to bring joy to you, our treasured community of changemakers. Also, to celebrate our 1K Twitter milestone, we conducted our first ever giveaway - a special design prototype of our (as yet unnamed) recycled rPET roll-top laptop backpack! Congrats to the winner, Lily from the US. We’ll have another giveaway to announce soon in conjunction with our official store launch in October, which also marks 1 year of AMR. 🥳

Highlights of the last month:

What's happening

Interviews: September was a busy month for interviews! First, we spoke with VITUS co-founder Peter Harwood about how the company uniquely sources their supplements from nature, instead of a lab. Next up was Joni Hanson Davis, founder of Beli, who explained the importance of key nutrients in reproductive health and why men should be included in that conversation. Finally, we spoke with Marjorie Tenchavez, who’s Welcome Merchant platform is helping to elevate entrepreneurs from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds.

Click on the artwork below to be taken to each article:

Reviews: Next month we turn our focus to some fun reviews that we can’t wait to share with you. Beyond October, we are in discussions with several companies and hope to shine a light on some more ‘dynamic’ products in the near future. Stay tuned!

Brain matter

“Compassion is to look beyond your own pain, to see the pain of others.”
-Yasmin Mogahed

Charlie says: How often do we check in on those that we care about? Or even those that we work with or regularly interact with? Sometimes the simple act of asking how someone is, how they are doing, can make someone feel listened to or seen. It doesn’t take much to make a genuine difference in someone’s life and the most beautiful part about that fact is that we all have the power to achieve this. Remember how it felt when someone reached out to you, listened, or provided comfort during hard times? You can be that person for someone else. And if you are going through something, it may also help with your own healing process to see the impact you can have. 💚

Some of our favourite things

reMarkable are makers of a tablet with a difference. This e-ink device is the thinnest tablet on the market, offering unrivaled drawing and writing input in a beautiful form factor. It’s also great for reducing paper-waste by providing an experience good enough to replace the litany of post-its, notebooks, scrap paper and sketchbooks that we use in our daily lives. 📝

Grants of Australia are famous for their all natural, fluoride free toothpaste. The Australian company stocks a huge range of vegan friendly minty flavours, kids and flavour-free options. Bonus: the packaging is made from 80% recyclable content and is printed with vegetable ink. 🪥

Home time

October will be another massive month! We are celebrating Halloween, Techtober and of course our one-year anniversary. Lots of great written and video content is planned which we can’t wait to share with you. Expect a bumper sized edition of Limelight, where we will also reveal more about what’s in store for AMR year 2. Until then, have a wonderful weekend and great month ahead!

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