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Hey Friends,

turns out that time does fly when you’re having fun. Just over a year ago A Modern Remedy was preparing to launch to a small yet eager audience of insiders on Halloween. How a fledgling upstart dedicated to promoting solutions for people and planet would be received was an unknown. Fast forward twelve months and I’m proud to say that question has been definitively answered by your overwhelming support. In that time, we’ve built a growing community on Twitter (just shy of 1500 followers), delivered nearly 100 articles and fostered some wonderful partnerships with some amazing individuals. Along the way we’ve attended impactful events, reviewed interesting products and spoken with inspirational changemakers. We can even add going viral on TikTok to the list of first year achievements!

A big thank you to everyone that has supported AMR. You’re a huge part of why we do what we do and it’s a privilege to bring you the latest and greatest news, reviews and interviews each week. Now it’s year two, here’s to the adventures that lay ahead. ✨

It’s been a busy few weeks:

What's happening

Interviews: AMR recently spoke with Dirk Jansen, president of the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Group. Dirk walked us through how the group came about, the challenges facing Koalas along the Peninsula, and the steps we can take to ensure our cuddly friends thrive in their natural environment.

Next, we also chatted with Ilaria Gallo, founder and ‘Creative Head’ at La Ria Creations. LRC is a graphic design studio that produces beautiful artwork featuring uplifting and inspirational messages. The studio is committed to using environmentally sustainable materials, including recycled paper, cardstock and cotton. Throughout our discussion one central theme kept popping up; the importance of being kind and the wide-ranging impact that can have.
Clicking the artwork below will take you to each interview:

Reviews: A trio of reviews this month. Frst up was WooHoo Body. The company makes a line of natural skincare, including very effective deodorants. We tested several (with thanks to Sassy Organics) to see how they handled under different conditions. Needless to say, there is a lot to love about this fun brand. Stay tuned for an interview with creators Phoebe and Aaron in the near future.

Next was our #Techtober review, the Minimalist Phone app. Check out our hands-on review and walkthrough video of the app that promises to help you regain your time and attention from your smartphone.

Finally, we returned with round two of our Chocolate Review Series. This time, we tested a variety of delicious dark chocolates to see which would reign supreme. The final part of our series will be taste testing chocolates that are ‘weird and wild’ - looking to have that one out by end of year.

Vegan And Plant-Based Chocolate Review Series (2022)_ Dark Chocolate-low
Minimalist Phone App Review_ Less Is More-low

Brain matter

“Progress over perfection.”

Charlie says: Trying to make something perfect can ironically ensure that you don’t get that thing done on time, or sometimes at all. Unfortunately, perfectionism has a tendency to cripple, leading to a fear of starting (or finishing) that can leave you feeling upset at your inability to reach the high bar you’ve set for yourself. Instead, embrace the mindset of valuing progress over perfection. Likewise, revaluate the quality of work required and whether delivering an absolutely flawless experience will truly be a make-or-break moment. Chances are, getting the thing out on time is worth sacrificing a few percent of effort. You’ll feel better too by safeguarding your mental health and avoiding burnout. 🧠

Some of our favourite things

Stuff make a range of men’s personal care products that are Australian made, vegan and cruelty-free. Also, the bottles are made from recycled plastics and the company works with mental health programs for men & young adults. Win-win-win! Look for our review soon. 🪒

Beflamboyant are proving that cruelty-free sneakers can be stylish too. The company has a range of unisex shoes that are vegan, sustainable and look great. If you are looking for classic kicks, trainers, boots or everyday shoes, Beflamboyant has you covered. 👟

Home time

Did everyone have a good Halloween? Or check out any cool gadgets during Techtober? The month of October is always a very special (and busy month), a magical time of year where anything can happen. And now with the end of the year fast approaching, thoughts turn to 2023. Planning is already underway for AMR year two and I’ll have more to announce very soon. As always, Limelight readers will get the inside scoop on what’s coming next. Expect more info next month, which will have a big focus on reviews (tech, books and more). What I can say is that AMR will be both evolving and expanding, with a visual update and extension into fresh new areas on the cards.

Until next time, stay safe and successful!

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