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Hey Friends,

greetings to all of our new readers! Since last we spoke our audience has grown by 19%, a big thank you for taking the time to join our community of changemakers. We are always looking at ways to improve our delivery of quality content and have been hard at work on our next major milestone, Project Vision. Broadly speaking, this will be an ongoing video series that we have penciled in for the third quarter of this year - so watch this space!

Lots to cover this issue, let’s get into it.

Of note, here’s what we’ve been talking about lately:

What’s Happening

MIA Interview: Earlier this month we sat down with MIA (Mend It, Australia) for an interview on the hot topic that is Right to Repair. The duo from down under have been leading the charge not only at the community level, but also campaigning nationally, with submissions to public enquiry and taking policy makers to task during open hearings held by the Australian government.

This is a highly recommended conversation for those interested in consumer rights, tech, textiles and sustainability. Check it out, here 👈

Free Resource: We’ve developed a Notion template that we like to call a ‘Success Framework’. This template is more than a simple ‘to-do list’, it features goal and habit tracking, along with a daily journal, all of which link together to form a powerful framework to help you achieve your intended outcomes. The process involves detailing goals that align with the ideal version of yourself, breaking that goal into achievable daily actions, strategically building them into your routine and then showing up to record and monitor your progress on the daily. The journal also features sections that prompt mindful reflection and encourage a shift toward a growth mindset. Of course, this template is completely customisable to suit your personal goals, values and schedule as required.

Best of all, we’ve made it 100% free for all new and existing Limelight subscribers. Grab your copy by following this link 👈
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Brain Matter

“Offering help is better than offering reassurance.”

Charlie says: Reassurance might seem like the right thing to do when comforting a friend or loved one, but you might actually be limiting their ability to overcome the issue at hand, especially if they are facing a difficult challenge that requires action to overcome.

By telling someone ‘nothing is wrong’ this may confound the situation, keeping them in a state of disrepair, instead of helping to shine a light on opportunities for growth. How can someone learn and grow, if they are unable to identify the lesson itself? Conversely, an honest approach is more supportive and helpful, even if it leads to some short-term abrasiveness. Do you best to be direct, yet consider the other person’s perspective. In the long run, that person will be afforded the opportunity to take responsibility, learn and grow. Your actions will help them help themselves reach a better place and hopefully pass that gift along when the opportunity presents itself.

Some Of Our Favourite Things

House of Marley offers a fresh take on high-end personal audio through unique designs that feature recycled and sustainably sourced materials. We recently wrote a feature on this pioneering company. Once we have our hands on some beat makers, look out for our accompanying review - coming soon. 🎧🎶

Vanessa Megan is a fragrance company with a difference. VM offers products that are vegan, 100% natural, free from synthetics, not tested on animals and are Australian made and certified organic. Just missing out on our end of year guide to cruelty-free fragrances, our team has had some time to sample their skincare and fragrance range, with a review dropping very soon. Spoiler: Highly recommended! 🦘🧴

Home Time

That’s the first quarter of 2022 in the books, and never a dull moment. How is everyone’s year progressing thus far? If you could make one change, what would it be? Or is everything falling into alignment?

Wherever you are at along your 2022 journey, thanks for making the time. Until we meet again, stay safe and here’s to another cracking month ahead!

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