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Hey Friends,

it’s been another big month for AMR. Since last issue we’ve more than doubled in size across both our website and social channels and are fast approaching a combined monthly audience of 100K! Thank you to all who have joined our community, its tremendous to see so many likeminded individuals who are taking an interest in topics such as mental health and sustainability. The team are very excited to bring you even more news, reviews, AMR Guides and interviews in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for some really great content coming your way soon.

We have much to cover, so let’s dive in.

A great mix of articles this month, here are some highlights:

What’s Happening

Earth Week: April 16-22 saw the return of Earth Week, a celebration of the planet and an initiative to spread awareness of the challenges it faces, culminating in Earth Day on Sunday, April 22nd. Typically, governments and organisations use the week to promote sustainability initiatives, pledges and commit to eco-friendly actions. As part of our coverage, we included a roundup of the latest news and announcements, and have also thrown in some great resources to not only get you in the sustainability mindset, but provide helpful ways in which anyone can take action and start making a positive impact. ♻️

As always, a subtle reminder that we don’t need to wait until a specified time to act in favour of our planet. Every day can, and should, be Earth Day.

Check out our Earth Week 2022 coverage for more info. 👈

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Brain Matter

“Buying it rarely feels as good as earning it.”

Charlie says: In today’s world of easy access and plentiful supply, it is tempting to solve our problems and reward ourselves through consumption. But while we may initially enjoy the thrill of the purchase, those feelings are often fleeting and rarely persist. Recall times when renting a movie meant physically travelling to a store and roaming the aisles alongside other optimistic movie goers. How it felt to trust in recommendations of staff and simple box art to guide your expectations and decision-making process, versus instant access to trailers, synopsis and movie reviews. Or the joy of crafting a home cooked meal for a special occasion, sharing in a laugh whilst you make magic in the kitchen before coming together to enjoy your labour of love, compared to pawing at a screen and waiting for your condensation-effected meal to be delivered in a moist brown bag to your door.

Where possible, take a moment to delay instant gratification and instead opt to work for your prize. It will feel much more satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable. 🧠

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Apollo Neuroscience are makers of a heath wearable with a difference. The namesake device, the Apollo, is a wrist (or ankle) worn band not unlike a Whoop in appearance. Where it differs is via its focus on providing discrete signals in the form of haptic vibrations to help promote calmness, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and mental focus. Created by mental health professionals and backed by clinical studies, the Apollo seeks to improve your Heart Rate Variability, thus keeping your nervous system in ‘peak condition’ and ready to adapt to any situation. We recently wrote a preview of the Apollo, and a review unit is on the way which we will be testing over the next few weeks. Look for our full in-depth review coming soon. 💤✌️

The Earth Day Organisation aims to educate and mobilise people to care about the planet. The team behind the annual ‘Earth Day’ event, the group has connected with over 75K partners and reached a billion people since its founding in 1970. If you’d like to get involved, check out their work, find ways you can make a difference, or support the team on their mission to help protect our beautiful home, planet earth. 🌏🌱

Home Time

That’s a wrap folks. How is everyone travelling? This year feels like it is racing forward, especially compared to the crawl of the last few. AMR was founded nearly 6 months ago, and it is amazing to see the growth and support we’ve received. We are humbled and so grateful for everyone who has decided to join us on this journey. Our aim is to pay it forward by providing a platform to surface inspiring individuals and companies who are making meaningful change in the world. With your help, we can reach an even larger audience and affect even more change.

Until next time, stay safe and go make a ruckus.
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