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A stack of timber that is floating above the clouds, surrounded by a halo.
Hey Friends,

since last we spoke it has been another huge month. Our community has once again more than doubled and we are now pushing toward an audience of nearly 150K across all our AMR channels. A massive thank you to all who have joined, it means the world that you choose to invest your precious time with us and we will continue to do our best to serve you with interesting and empowering content.

Speaking of content, this has been our biggest month yet!

Here’s our latest:

What’s Happening

Alpha: You may have noticed the ‘Alpha Exclusive’ label on our list of articles. Alpha is the name of our new subscriber platform that we have soft launched as a trial run this month. In future, Alpha members will receive exclusive and early content, an ad-free AMR experience, monthly giveaways and special deals from the AMR store and our partners. We’ll be offering more info in the near future, and Limelight readers will have a chance to jump onboard first at a special price. We can’t wait to share this with you, especially as it will help support the site and make sure AMR can deliver even better content for our community.

👀 Stay tuned for more coming very soon! Until then, check out our snazzy logo:

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Interviews: AMR sat down with several inspiring individuals this month. The first two, our chats with Colleen from 15Trees and Vinko from ND Recycled Timber Furniture, are up on the site now. Next month we will publish our chat with Ricky Kuruppu (Boy Under The Bridge) and have more exciting discussions in the works for the months ahead.
Screenshot of a sprouting seedling over a blue-green gradient.
Screenshot of a stack of timber that is floating above the clouds, surrounded by a halo.
Reviews: Apollo Neuro sent us a wearable and we are currently putting it through an in-depth analysis of its health and wellness claims. Check back next month for our comprehensive review of this interesting device.

We also received a pair of Cloudnova trainers from On, a Swiss shoemaker known for its high-performance trainers. These everyday trainers are a dream to walk on, but did you also know they are vegan friendly and made of 30% recycled materials?
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Brain Matter

“Don’t be a spectator in your own life”.

Charlie says: It’s more than easy to take a back seat and go through life in ‘chill mode’, especially considering the weight of everyday problems and all the calamity in the world currently. Yet this approach won’t solve any of those issues, instead it has the power to do just the opposite by delaying your ability to overcome obstacles and achieve personal success.
By choosing to be an onlooker, instead of an active participant, you miss the opportunity to help shape your own life. Choose to wake up tomorrow with the certainty to take on the day, instead of waiting to be ready. Replace the fear of starting with the anticipation of finishing. Come out of the shadows and embrace the light. 🧠

Some Of Our Favourite Things

HappyCow are a service that are making it super easy to find vegan food, no matter where you are. Browse their site or download the app, pop in your city, region or zipcode, and HappyCow will point you in the direction of vegan options in your area. The service also offers curated lists of the top restaurants nearby, ratings, reviews and an active community. 🐮🌱

GroupHug are bringing solar power to the masses. This startup company makes a solar charger that can be hung on a window via a suction cup. Leave it in the sun to charge during the day, and by night it is ready for you to plug in your devices and power them via sustainable energy. Stay tuned for our upcoming review on this interesting item! 🌞⚡

Home Time

What. A. Month. AMR has really been picking up steam, with another batch of interviews and reviews lined up, our subscriber platform set to launch, and much more coming in the next weeks and months ahead. It’s wonderful to see the support from our community, we can’t wait to share a few more special announcements that we won’t jinx just yet. 🙊

Until next issue, stay happy and healthy you amazing souls.
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