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Hey Friends,

can you believe that 2022 is halfway done? It feels like yesterday that the sun was rising on a new year. How has the first half been treating you? The mid-point is always an opportune time to pause and reflect on what has worked (or what hasn’t). For us, AMR has exceeded our expectations and that is in part to the support we’ve received from our wonderful community and partners. This month we celebrated a few more milestones, but more on that in a bit…

Our most recent content:

What’s Happening

500 Strong: A few days ago we crossed the 500 follower mark on Twitter! Thank you to everyone who has chosen to invest your time and attention with AMR and we promise to keep delivering informative and empowering content. Our community continues to grow and looks to be on track to hit 1K Twitter followers by our 1 year anniversary. To celebrate this achievement, we are looking to announce a community milestone giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 👀

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And remember to check us out on TikTok as well for even more AMR goodness.
Interviews: This month had another two interviews, firstly AMR 004 with Ricky Kuruppu, also known as Boy Under The Bridge, who spoke with us about the importance of self-care and mental health awareness. Our second chat (AMR 005) was with Aida Rejzovic, founder of Sassy Organics, who took us on a deep dive across the values that power her business: preventative health measures, wellness and compassion.
These were some awesome discussions and we’ve got plenty more interviews on the way with some more amazing people - can’t wait to share them with you!
Screenshot of a typewriter superimposed over a page of typed quotes.
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Reviews: Apollo Neuro sent us a wearable and we are currently putting it through an in-depth analysis of its health and wellness claims. Check back next month for our comprehensive review of this interesting device.

We also received a pair of Cloudnova trainers from On, a Swiss shoemaker known for its high-performance trainers. These everyday trainers are a dream to walk on, but did you also know they are vegan friendly and made of 30% recycled materials?
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Reviews: We’ve embarked on a rather ambitious (and tasty) challenge - deciding which vegan chocolate deserves to hold the title of best in the world. So far, we’ve run through almond and hazelnut contenders, and our chocolate tasters are currently hard at work analysing a selection of dark chocolates. Each month for the next few months we will choose a winner from a variety of categories, before comparing the best of the best and deciding which choccy is numero uno! 🍫
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We also got our hands on some Zero Co body care products and came away very impressed with this company focused on eradicating single-use-plastics. In fact, we were so impressed that we decided to follow up our first review with a longer form piece. The team at Zero Co were kind enough to hook us up with a selection of items from their entire range, so be on the lookout for a longer review next month. ♻️
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Issue 10: Wow! Ten issues of Limelight already? How did that happen? Since moving to a monthly format in Q1 we’ve had a lot more to talk about each issue and more content to share. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see covered each issue? We are always open to new ideas! 💡

Brain Matter

“Be kind to yourself”.

Charlie says: We often hear about the importance of being kind to one another, but what about being kind to ourselves? Too often we will be our own worst critic or fall into the trap of negative self-talk, imposter syndrome or a frequent case of the I-cant’s. Seriously, how much easier is life when you are on your own side? What could you achieve if you fully supported yourself? Being kind to your inner being doesn’t mean avoiding challenges and heaping underserved reward or self-praise on oneself, but rather, being confident, realistic and forgiving in the face of failure. It means practicing behaviours and thoughts that support your goals and not being afraid to refocus or re-adjust (without scolding) if that’s what the feedback suggests. 🧠

Some Of Our Favourite Things

Zero Co are committed to untrashing the planet, through plant-based, sustainable home & body care products that aim to put an end to single-use-plastics. The company makes a range of items, from body wash to multi-purpose cleaning spray, served in refillable pouches and ‘Forever’ bottles (the containers are made from ocean, beach and landfill plastics). Fun, affordable and high quality, give Zero Co a go - you won’t regret it. ♻️

Sassy Organics are an exclusively organic, vegan and cruelty free retailer with a huge range of beauty and wellness products. Founded on a belief that prevention is better than seeking a cure for symptoms, Sassy Organics features everything your body needs to feel its best, inside and out. While you are there, check out the Vitus vegan supplements, made from wholefoods and produced with sustainable packaging! 🌱💄

Home Time

Are our friends in the northern hemisphere enjoying the warmer weather? Here in Australia it has been icy cold as we are in the midst of an unrelenting winter. Fortunately, the winter solstice is now behind us and our days are getting ever so longer, meaning more sunshine, light and hopefully warmth! In the meantime we’ll make the most of our snuggle-weather by rugging up and staying cozy. Pass along any great books, TV shows or movies that would be perfect with some vegan coco! ⛄☕

And see you superstars in the second half of 2022!
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