What’s a modern remedy for the challenges we face today?

A simple question, yet one that has revealed some amazing insights, powerful conversations, and inspirational moments from the founders, creators, CEO’s and thought leaders who I’ve had the privilege of speaking to over the last few months.

This week’s episode captures all of that, every response from every guest during the debut season of New Ways. Distilled down into a svelte half an hour experience.

Optimism overload? More like empowering audio.

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This is episode ten, a milestone event for the show. It’s where we say goodbye to season 1, share an update on the future of New Ways, and go looking for a modern remedy. 

Sit back and enjoy this special episode that’s packed with insights and highlights from our debut season, where you’ll hear from ten amazing guests: Founders, creators, CEO’s and thought leaders who share their perspective on solving modern day challenges.

Special thanks to Dr Megan Lee, Paolo Garde, Neva Talladen, Dr Simon Schillebeeckx, Sam Hart, Jack Taylor, Noam Bardin, Bernardo Carreira, Leslee Udwin and Lina Benete. 

And of course, all of our wonderful listeners who joined us for this first season. Thank you for your support!

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