Looking for some yummy, vegan-friendly treats this Halloween holiday? Whether you are new to the game, an old hat or just curious about veganism, we have you covered.

Note: We recommend checking the ingredients for any allergy advice, especially if sharing with other little ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

Many of your favourite candies, lollies and chocolates have been hiding a secret. They are vegan!

Familiar Favourites

Smarties: Yup, no dairy chocolate in this iconic candy and they go the extra mile by also being free of allergens such as gluten, nuts and soy. Plus they seemingly come in the thousands. Win win (win)!

Red Vines: Strap in for some delicious licorice (say that ten times fast). These twists are made without animal ingredients and are a classic addition to the candy bag.

Skittles: Ah, the colourful treat we know well. Did you know that Skittle have been gelatin-free for over a decade? Taste the cruelty free rainbow indeed.

Tootsieroll Dots: These bright little gumdrops are vegan friendly and often come in wild Halloween-themed special editions.

ZotZ: Crack open a vegan friendly, fruity-flavoured hard candy and be rewarded with a buzz of sour sherbet.

Sour Patch Kids: Even more sour-er, these gummy treats come in sweet and sour flavours and are vegan approved.

Pez: Yeah, Pez. Everyone knows Pez pallets. Pez is vegan. Pez is good.

Looking for something new? Go beyond the classics, thank your dentist later.

New Kids On The Block

Kresho: Feeling generous or looking to impress? Kresho bar’s are a mouth-watering chocolate-covered almond nougat bar that is 100% vegan and 100% yummy.

Vego: Hazelnut chocolate bars that also come in a spread, white chocolate, nuts & berries and bite-size versions. Vegan and dangerous.

Dandies Marshmallows: Officially lighter than air, fluffier than a cloud and perfect for roasting. Vegan and non-GMO.

Zombie Chews: Perfectly named! Zombie chews are tough straps of yummy candy goodness, vegan friendly (PS not made from zombies).

Jokerz Candy Bar: One of the many vegan treats available from Go Max Go. Vegan, delicious and addictive.

Know of any other nom-worthy vegan candies or treats? Let us know in the comments.

Have a safe, scary and spooktacular Halloween. Fly my pretties!


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