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STUFF Review: Modern Mancare

STUFF is redefining men’s skincare with products designed to uncomplicate the grooming process. Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, packed with botanicals and no harsh chemicals, each product sold also helps to fund young men’s mental health initiatives. Now that’s good stuff. Jump To What’s This STUFF? The Daily Use Test Final Verdict You may have seen an […]

8000Kicks Review: High Quality Hemp

Hero image of two green sneakers on a box.

The Explorer V2 from 8000Kicks is the world’s first waterproof hemp shoe, made from natural cannabis fibres. We tested the sustainable sneakers on and off road, at home and in the office, measuring their durability and comfort. Can these dope kicks live up to the hype? Jump To Behind The Brand The Power Of Hemp […]

Zero Co (2022) Review: Cleaning Up Never Felt So Good

Here’s our comprehensive review of Zero Co’s personal care and home cleaning products. We put the company’s eco-friendly items to the test to see how these sustainable solutions stack up. Is it possible to go zero-waste without sacrificing quality? Earlier this year we were introduced to Zero Co, makers of eco-friendly personal care and home […]

Vegan And Plant-Based Chocolate Review Series (2022): Dark Chocolate

Time to take a walk on the dark side. We’ve bravely sampled ten of the richest, smoothest and most delicious dark chocolates from around the world. Find out which of these plant-based and vegan-friendly treats is number one. This article is part of an ongoing chocolate review series comparing different forms and flavours of vegan-friendly […]

WooHoo Body Review: Natural Skincare For Every Body

What if we told you there exists a deodorant which is not only free of nasty chemicals and aluminium, but that actually works? Made by a company that is vegan-friendly, promotes sustainability, social and environmental causes? Finally, WooHoo! Woo Who? WooHoo Body is an Australian company specialising in highly effective, natural deodorant and personal care […]

Apollo Neuro Review: Good Vibrations

The Apollo is a rather unique wearable, focused on improving mental health and wellbeing through touch therapy. Its silent, haptic vibrations are designed to improve cognitive performance, reduce stress and boost heart rate variability. We put it to the test to see what impact this novel device would have after a month of regular use. […]

VITUS Review: Pure Plant Power

Complete nutrition isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential for your overall wellbeing. VITUS offers a range of wholefood sourced supplements to help you reach your recommended dietary needs, all whilst being plant-based, cruelty-free and sustainable. Life-Giving Nutrition VITUS Wholefoods are an Australian maker of premium, vegan-certified supplements that are sourced from wholefoods. Although offering […]

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