Each year Earth Week runs from April 16th to the 22nd. The annual, week-long celebration of our beautiful planet is an extension of its namesake, Earth Day, which itself is in its 52nd year. Here’s a roundup of the latest news, activities and initiatives being held in the spirit of environmental conservation and sustainability.

In the lead up to the 52nd annual Earth Day (April 22nd) the focus of many businesses, organisations and governments turns to ways we can reduce our environmental impact. From policies to products and everything in between, there is something for everyone to get excited about, and many ways you can make a difference in honour of this year’s Earth Week (and beyond).

Business, Policy & Initiatives

Klarna has announced a set of sustainability initiatives, enabling users of the service to make more informed purchasing decisions and help contribute to the health of the planet. During Earth Week, the company has pledged to match consumer donations as part of their Give One initiative, which supports organisations dedicated to conservation and fighting climate change. Klarna will also upgrade its CO2 emission tracker, providing richer data to its users in an effort to increase transparency around their environmental footprint. And finally, Earth Week will see an expansion of Klarna’s Conscious Collections, surfacing environmentally friendly businesses for its users in an effort to help them make more sustainable choices.

The US Government is spending the week announcing various environmental initiatives, including a clean energy progress report, an update on climate legislation and a plan to reduce the use of hydrofluorocarbons – climate-warming gases that are extremely volatile to the planet’s health.

Elon Musk (of Tesla, Boring and SpaceX fame) has offered a $100 million (USD) bounty to aspiring inventors who can find a viable solution to carbon dioxide removal. The staggering sum is believed to be the largest incentive offered in history for such a pursuit and clearly demonstrates the haste at which answers to our climate challenges must be found. During the joint XPRIZE and Musk Foundation livestream where the announcement was made, Musk specified that both cost and the ability to scale the solution must be addressed in order to qualify for the reward.

Apple has announced per its annual Environmental Progress Report that its products now comprise close to 20% recycled materials, a first for the company. Ahead of Earth Day, Apple has also enabled a new way for its customers to share in discussions around the natural beauty of the world, learn about environmental issues and take action to reduce climate change through a series of virtual information guides available via various Apple consumer services.

Watch This

In the mood for a good documentary or film to get you in the environmental mindset? We have you covered:

Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet (2021). David Attenborough is back alongside scientist Johan Rockström to uncover the impact of environmental attrition on the planet’s ecology. The duo look into the ways in which we can still avoid a complete collapse in biodiversity.

Don’t Look Up (2021): What would happen if we didn’t listen to scientists about an end of the world scenario? This comedy from writer, director and producer Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short, Vice) satirises a modern-day apocalyptic event and features an ensemble cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep.

2040 (2019): This documentary provides an optimistic take on the environment by focusing on the solutions to climate change, rather than the problems. A refreshing change of pace that shines a light on the good that is currently being done to regenerate and heal our planet.

ALT EFF: The All Living Things Environmental Film Festival places a focus on cinema that inspires actionable change, motivates communities and advances sustainability. It runs from the 17th-20th November and film submissions are currently still open.

How To Save (The Planet)

Avocado have announced an Earth Month Sale. Get 2 free pillows with purchase of a mattress using code APRIL22. You can also cut $100 off the price of bed frames and bases with code FRAMED through until May 2nd.

ZeroCo have just released a Body Care range in addition to their environmentally (and skin) friendly household range. These products are single-use plastic free, featuring a plant-based formula that is vegan friendly, palm oil free and cruelty free.

Grouphug is pledging to donate 5% of sales on Earth Day Weekend (April 22nd-24th) to GRID Alternatives, an organisation on a mission to advance environmental sustainability through affordable, renewable energy. The company is also offering $30USD off Window Solar Chargers until April 25th.

Organic Basics are running a No-Waste Sale for men and women, across a range of styles and colourways. Save up to 50% on organic, eco-friendly underwear made under fair trade conditions.

Girlfriend Collective are offering a free pair of leggings and 30% off a friend’s first purchase (over $150) as part of their referral program. GC are makes of recycled activewear and women’s intimates, with a focus on slow fasion. Shop their ethically made range, designed for all body shapes and sizes (including XXS to 6XL).

A window-mounted home solar panel. Source: Grouphug.

Anyone Can Make A Difference

Reduce: A small change can make a big difference. Investing in a reusable water bottle or coffee cup will help to reduce plastic pollution, as too will a change to fabric shopping bags, metal straws and cloth cleaning towels instead of disposable kitchen paper. See: Keep Cup, Corkcicle, Green + Kind.

Repair: Electronics, clothing and household items that require some TLC need not be thrown in the trash. Get some extra mileage out of your much-loved items by opting to mend them. Keep local businesses in the black by visiting a community repair hub or ‘fix it’ shop, join a neighbourhood repair class or learn online through tutorials and pick up a valuable skill. Also, get educated on the Right to Repair (see: Mend It Australia, iFixit).

Upcycle: And if they aren’t in need of repair, don’t throw it away your unwanted items. Instead, donate or repurpose them. They could still provide value to someone in need and finding a new home for your goods will also help to reduce landfill. Call your local opportunity shop, charity or donation centre to see what they are in need of.

Community: Visit your local library, town centre or community group to see if there are any activities planned for Earth Week. If not, try your hand at organising one yourself. You’ll often find neighbourhood cleanups running year round, where residents will volunteer to tidy up schools, parks and the rest of the local community.

Also: Explore #OneGreenThing and #InvestInOurPlanet on social media to find more actions you can take for Earth Week. Share your progress, encourage others and help spread awareness of the climate issues we face. Visit the official EarthDay Group for more information about the cause. Donate to a conservation society, volunteer your time toward recycling efforts or plant a tree. Buy recycled, local and ethical whenever possible.

And above all else, be kind to our planet, and each other.


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