Hitachi Rail just delivered a fleet of electric trains to Italy, a first for the country and the European continent. These battery-operated Masaccio trains form part of a huge €1.23 bil EUR joint-collaboration between Hitachi and Trenitalia, which will see 20 new trains (known as ‘Blues’) deployed in the first phase of the project.

Whilst there is a large push to electrify personal vehicles, meeting global sustainability targets means decarbonising all means of transport, including rail services. European countries are answering the challenge by investing in sustainable solutions that will help the region meet its target of a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030. By 2050, European nations hope to have achieved climate neutrality.

In Italy, the tribrid Blues train is helping cut carbon emissions by 50% compared to existing diesel services.

Luca D’Aquila, Chief Operating Officer Hitachi Rail Group and CEO of Hitachi Rail Italy

Due to the unique topography of the country, Italian rail services are unlikely to become completely electric, however the Masaccio trains offer a promising solution that can help reduce emissions. By utilising a cutting-edge ‘tribrid’ system, the trains can simultaneously draw upon multiple power sources, including electric, diesel, hybrid and battery reserve. This allows the trains to travel through non-electric areas on battery power and seamlessly recharge when on the go.

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