The UK’s National Grid just announced that the first photovoltic (PV) solar farm has been successfully connected to the countries electricity transmission network. A joint effort, the project was developed in conjunction with Cero Generation, one of Europe’s leading solar energy specialists, Enso Energy, the UK’s foremost renewable energy developer, and the National Grid.

Previously, the UK’s solar farms were connected to lower voltage regional grids. This new plant (Larks Green), is connected directly to the National Grid, meaning solar energy can now be transported across greater distances and will be received by more homes and businesses. It also allows for future solar arrays to be likewise connected to the grid.

The Larks Green project is not only a significant milestone for Cero and an opportunity to initiate our BESS pipeline, but it represents a significant contribution to the UK’s goals to reach net-zero.

Marta Martinez Queimadelos, CEO of Cero Generation

A first of its kind, the solar farm comprises over 150,000 modules across a 200-acre plot of land, with an estimated output of over 73,000MWh per year. That’s the equivalent of over 17,000 homes and it should also displace around 20,000 tons of CO2 each year, when compared to traditional energy sources.

This announcement signals another step toward Britain’s aim of a 100% decarbonised energy system by 2035.

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