It’s our birthday! A Modern Remedy celebrates our anniversary and we honestly couldn’t have done it without you, our wonderful community of changemakers. So, let’s take a look back on our first year, how we’ve grown and the journey ahead.

Year One

How has it been one year already?

In its first year, A Modern Remedy has delivered on that belief that there are good people out there doing great things.

It feels like just yesterday I was putting pen to paper, dreaming about creating a platform that would shine a spotlight on social and environmental causes. See, for years I had been spruking all the wonderful change-making individuals and organisations that were helping to make the world a better place. But I wanted to do more than just bring awareness of these wonderful breakthroughs to the people around. I dreamed of sharing this goodness on a larger scale, relished the thought of connecting with other likeminded individuals and maybe even build a community along the way. As I write this retrospective, we are closing in on two thousand social followers and a growing audience who reads our monthly newsletter. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us – we’ll keep providing uplifting content that inspires, educates and challenges conventions in service of creating positive change at scale.

In its first year, A Modern Remedy has delivered on that belief that there are good people out there doing great things. We’ve interviewed twelve businesses who are making an impact on people and the planet, be it through repairability initiatives, mental health advocacy, environmental causes, sustainable art or simply rethinking how and what we buy each day. Through these conversations we’ve been able to uncover insights into what compelled these inspirational individuals to not only make a change in their own lives, but also seek to be a force for good on a bigger stage. They’ve also shared their hopes, dreams and actionable solutions for making the world an even better place, on many different levels. It has been a pleasure to help tell these amazing stories and I encourage you to give them a read. I can’t express enough my gratitude to the ‘friends of AMR’ who kindly shared their time with us.

Alongside our interview series, we have reviewed a number of products, from mental health wearables, to plastic-busting home and body care, plant-based supplements and an app that gives you back your attention. There are so many great products and services out there that can make a huge difference in your quality of life whilst improving the environment and requiring little to no adjustment in your daily routine. We can’t wait to bring you more of these and are always on the lookout for our next review opportunity.

AMR has also been a huge learning opportunity, as we’ve endeavoured to cover the important happenings along key themes of sustainability, green tech, mental health and wellness. On a personal note, my journalistic endeavours have left me more knowledgeable around climate legislation, consumer policies, scientific breakthroughs and new technologies. Through our news coverage we will continue to bring you the essential facts as they develop.

Looking Forward

It’s a time of change, where nature is transforming and transitioning to a new phase in both hemispheres of our beautiful planet.

I know what you are probably thinking, ‘why launch on Halloween?’. Well, it’s a combination of a few themes that are emblematic of our mission at AMR. Firstly, it’s a celebration of what has been, a time to be mindful of the ‘ghouls’ of the past (such as pollution or mental health stigma) and recognising that there are better was to live our lives. It’s also a time of magic and optimism, with spell craft representing limitless possibilities for the future. Finally, it’s a time of change, where nature is transforming and transitioning to a new phase in both hemispheres of our beautiful planet. It’s also a kick ass holiday where you get to dress up and be whoever you want to and will always be a very special holiday to me on a personal level.

With all that in mind, Halloween seemed like the perfect time to launch A Modern Remedy. It also gives us an excuse to review candies, chocolates and other treats each year as well as try our hand at some spooky-season cooking challenges to coincide with our birthday celebrations.

So, what will year two look like? Well, I won’t give away too much, other than to say it will be a continuation of the best of what has been, and an evolution in other respects. Our interviews and reviews will continue, along with coving important news and policy that shape our world. Moving forward we’ll publish a ‘year ahead’ style article at the beginning of the year that will cover our goals, so be on the lookout in early January.

Finally, I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey. Our wonderful partners, friends of AMR and especially you, our wonderful audience and community of changemakers. After all, that’s what this is all about, making a positive change in both our daily lives and the planet overall.

Here’s to the next year and the journey ahead. ■

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