STUFF is redefining men’s skincare with products designed to uncomplicate the grooming process. Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, packed with botanicals and no harsh chemicals, each product sold also helps to fund young men’s mental health initiatives. Now that’s good stuff.

You may have seen an ad recently featuring a very happy dude in the shower, getting his wash on with suds aplenty. Or maybe you’ve noticed some fancy little black bottles in the men’s care section – that’s STUFF, an Australian men’s skincare brand that produces a line of everyday essentials and personal grooming products. The company aims to help keep things simple for blokes around the world who want to take better care of their face, body, hair…. and mental health. Beyond helping you clean your head, body, pits and ‘bits’, the company also has a partnership with The Man Cave, a preventative mental health organisation for young men. Through their programs, boys are taught life-changing skills, emotional intelligence and personal development in a fun and supportive environment.

It’s easy to see why this much-loved brand has gained somewhat of a cult following in recent years. So, we tested out STUFF’s Daily Face Moisturiser and Shaving Gel (kindly supplied by Sassy Organics) to see if they should earn a spot in our bathroom too.

Time to get our groom on.

What’s This STUFF?

The company seeks to be a beacon of support, helping us navigate the new era of masculinity we find ourselves in today.

So, what makes this brand so special? Well, on closer inspection, you’ll find a series of met criteria here that will make your heart sing. For starters, the company is a Certified B Corporation and for every $1000 in sales, they sponsor one boy to experience positive mental health workshops hosted by The Man Cave. These programs help young men foster more better relationships with the people and world around them. And for men of all ages, the company seeks to be a beacon of support, helping us navigate the new era of masculinity we find ourselves in today. They aim to achieve this through creating high-quality products that help deliver a positive impact in the lives of many. Their website also features a ton of useful content and an audio show (‘Real STUFF‘) where they breakdown and challenge the stereotypes of masculinity, such as fatherhood, mindfulness, social pressures and what it means to be a ‘real man’ in today’s age.

Fantastically, all the company’s products are locally made in Australia, are vegan and cruelty-free, devoid of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients (like parabens and aluminium). The bottles are both made from 100% recycled plastics as well as being recyclable, helping to reduce single-use plastics and ensure less bad stuff ends up in landfill.

Speaking of packaging, the designs are modern, clean and minimalist, echoing the values of simplicity and efficiency that the company was founded on. STUFF is purpose built, through and through. See, there’s nothing fancy here – each product does what it says, filling a specialist role in the company’s limited line up. That’s not for lack of imagination, but rather by design. Shaving gel should not be used to wash your face with! The lone exception is the 2-in-1 Head and Body Wash, which they describe as a complete ‘head-to-balls-to-toe’ solution. But honestly, who hasn’t dipped into the emergency shampoo reserve when the bodywash finally runs out?

The Daily Use Test

For the last few weeks I’ve switched up my daily skincare routine, incorporating STUFF Shaving Gel and Daily Face Moisturiser into the mix. This includes a shave every second day and applying the moisturiser each morning and night. For context, my beard hairs are of medium density and thickness and my skin-type is fairly ordinary, save for a slightly complex t-zone that does what it wants depending on the season.

The first thing I noticed about the shaving gel was its wonderfully refreshing scent, which helps to wake me up when shaving in the shower first thing each morning. Described as green tea and ginseng, there are definitely notes of mint and an almost pine-like smell, along with a noticeable ‘woody’ aroma (which I attribute to the ginseng). It’s not overpowering or unpleasant, but rather a blast of menthol freshness that gets you focussed and alert for what comes next; staying within the lines and not missing any spots as you shave your mug.

Before integrating the shave gel into my daily routine, I tested it in a variety of contexts. Namely, different lengths of stubble and sharpness of blade. The result was always the same, a smooth, clean shave every time. There was never any dragging or pulling of stubble, instead my safety razor gilded effortlessly across my face. This meant I was able to reduce the number of strokes and thus never had to deal with irritation, red marks or ingrown hairs post-shave. From the very first shave, where I purposely used a dull blade on nearly a weeks’ worth of stubble, the gel helped me achieve a close shave. It’s near-instant lathering underscores how easy it is to use, especially useful when you’re pressed for time.

STUFF applies exceptionally well, rubbing into the skin with little effort, isn’t oily or greasy and doesn’t leave a film when dry.

The shaving gel pairs quite nicely with the moisturiser and is a great combo that keeps your face feeling nourished, which is especially important post-shave. It too has a pleasant smell, which could be best described as equal parts musky and spicey. Of the two, I prefer this scent, which has a certain ruggedness about it, yet is subtle enough that it won’t overpower anyone getting on the lift with you. To be clear, this won’t replace your cologne, but it will compliment it nicely.

Compared to other moisturisers, STUFF applies exceptionally well, with a light texture that rubs into the skin with little effort, isn’t oily or greasy and doesn’t leave a film when dry. I used it both morning and night after washing my face, and my skin felt hydrated around the clock. Other moisturises would leave my t-zone looking oily within a few hours (particularly after time in the sun or a vigorous workout), something that never occurred when using STUFF. My complexion remained balanced, never too oily or dry, and I was able avoid having to reapply the moisturiser throughout the day. Out of the bottle and ready to go in just a matter of seconds for lasting results.

Whilst the medley of scents is enjoyable, it would be great if you could choose a single fragrance for each step of the skincare routine. Some products in the STUFF line do get close enough to converge around a central theme (e.g. ‘spice’) and can be purchased in sets, yet there are still subtle ingredient variations that make for divergent smells. I’d love to be able to pick up a pack that included the awesome aloe vera, almond and patchouli oil across shave gel, moisturiser and facewash. If layering differing scents doesn’t bother you, STUFF is still a wonderful choice for your face & body.

Final Verdict

STUFF skincare products are understated and deceptively modest mancare items that punch well above their weight. Both the shave gel and moisturiser will leave you feeling clean, fresh and ready to take on the day. The combination of aloe vera, almond and patchouli oil is particularly addictive and I’d love to see what these wizards could do with hairstyling products too. STUFF’s support of young men’s mental health programs along with being a positive force for modern masculinity are further reasons you should make them your choice next time you are after some quality grooming products. ■


STUFF Skincare

Good Stuff

  • Looks, smells & feels great
  • Affordably priced
  • Minimalist design
  • Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Supports social causes

Bad Stuff

  • Limited fragrance options
  • Hairstyling products absent

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