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Xbox goes greener with new carbon aware feature in latest update

An Xbox controller being held by a wooden hand in front of a green background.

Xbox just pushed out an update that enables carbon-aware downloads, making it the first games console to do so. It’s one of several sustainability features coming to the green-themed gaming device. Changing the (carbon) game In a blog post detailing the recently released February Update, Xbox’s Jonathan Hildebrandt unpacked just how the console would make […]

Zero Emission Flights In Sight With Successful Test of Hydrogen Powered Jet Engine

Rolls-Royce just successfully tested the world’s first jet engine powered by green hydrogen. Cleaner and producing zero carbon emissions, the aviation milestone signals a huge step forward for sustainable air travel. But there’s still more than one catch that’s stopping this method from getting off the ground. During last year’s COP26 (the annual United Nations […]

Change Is In The Air Due To World’s First 100% Sustainable Flight

In a historic achievement for environmentally friendly aviation, this week saw the world’s first flight powered by 100% sustainable fuel. The successful test is a giant step toward reducing the environmental impact of air travel and demonstrates the viability of alternative fuels as a means to curbing aviation-related greenhouse gas emissions. This is a historic […]

EU Says USB-C Will Be Mandatory From 2024

The EU has decided that there should be one port to rule them all; USB Type-C. Lawmakers say this new legislation will help to curb rising e-waste attributed to consumer electronics through standardisation of ports, chargers and cables. Whilst the phone industry has all but transitioned to this standard, one major smartphone maker has remained […]

Can Elon Musk’s Tesla Turn Bitcoin Green?

Trading in Cryptocurrency comes at a well know cost to the environment, yet its use has continued to grow exponentially. While its acceptance as an alternative to traditional currencies continues to gain momentum, large corporations are caught at a juncture between keeping up with the latest digital technology and striving to reduce their carbon footprint. […]

Sustainable Audio Is The New Vibe

The use of audio equipment is an essential aspect of many people’s everyday lives. Whether it be a video meeting, mobile call, moment of relaxation, powering through a workout or just rocking out to some awesome tunes, the right accessories can make or break your experience. Until recently, enjoying music also meant investing in devices […]

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