Time is our most precious, finite resource. Without the certainty of knowing exactly how long our journey will last, it’s important to enjoy as many moments as we can. Building a life that is fulfilling and purposeful is key. But how exactly should we manage our time to ensure we get the most out of life? Like most systems which focus on growth, there is a central formula that can help guide us in our decision making.

Create, more than you consume.

It’s that simple. You need more of the good, and less of the not so good. For the record, not all consumption is bad, but more on that in a little bit. First, let’s focus on the formula itself, one that it is present in so many areas of life. For reference:

  • More exercise, less couch time = improved fitness
  • More saving, less spending = financial wellness
  • More vegetables, less soda = better health

Creativity isn’t just limited to the realm of art and design, it’s all around us, a part of our unique nature that we express many times throughout the day.


But wait, I hear you say, I’m not a creative! That’s okay. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret: We are all creatives. If we pull on that thread just a little, what then does it mean to create? The answer is anything and everything. Creativity isn’t just limited to the realm of art and design, it’s all around us, a part of our unique nature that we express many times throughout the day. The meal you decide to cook tonight, and how you cook it. What you decide to wear tomorrow. Even the emoji you chose to include in your next message to a loved one. The free-thinking ideas that run through your wonderous mind and are transformed into reality by your very actions – that’s creativity. Your individual style, the personal brand that you’ve spent your life crafting, how and why you chose to do the things you do – that my friend, is creativity, and you have oodles of it.


On the other end of the creative spectrum is consumption. It gets a pretty bad wrap, doesn’t it? In this instance we aren’t talking about consumerism, but more the abstract notion of being passive as compared to doing. A balanced life does include a healthy degree of consumption, and it too can come in many forms. Great joy can be had from consuming the little things in life, like a sunrise, or the embrace of a loved one. Comfort can also be found in a favourite song or book. The trick is, as the formula states, not to overconsume and under create. Like a bank balance, you can only make so many withdrawals before you are in the red. But why is it so important to build up that balance?

Return On Investment

When we create, many second order effects come into play, all of which positively impact our mental health and wellbeing. Firstly, we are expressing ourselves through our actions, which can help to provide us with a sense of control and agency over our lives. Also, we are demonstrating effort through our chosen behaviour, which can compound and provide us with a sense of confidence. Finally, we are acting with intention and making good on self-promises which lead to personal satisfaction and fulfilment. Overall, the more you make, create and chose to do, the more in control and rewarding your life will be.

Or, in financial terms, the sum of a life filled with net creativity equals happiness.

So go out and do what you do best; create some magic and enjoy this wonderful life. You deserve it.

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