Plastic was once heralded as a miracle material. Famed for its versatility, low cost and high durability, it quickly became part of our everyday lives. Yet those very qualities have resulted in plastic pollution becoming one of our most pressing environmental issues. In fact, of the 8 billion tons of plastic produced annually, less than 9% are recycled each year, and marine experts predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We desperately need to find sustainable alternatives to help stem the literal growing tide of plastic waste.

Enter, Boxed Water.

Boxed Beginnings

The Michigan-based company has been answering the call for sustainable alternatives to plastic consumables by providing a unique spin on one of our most commonly used disposable items. Boxed Water is not only the company name, but its flagship product – pure water packaged in a 100% recyclable cardboard container. Even the bottlecap is plant-based, made from pine-trees that are responsibly harvested. The rest of the package is comprised of FSC certified paper, BPA-free protective film, and 5% aluminum, making the overall product made up of 92% renewable materials. Best of all, utilising the top-cap means you can refill your box, extending its lifecycle and further reducing your environmental impact by continuing to use the same container for your water, juice or other liquid of choice.

The use of a recyclable plant-based package instead of disposable plastic also means less damage to our oceans, with fewer microplastics being deposited into our soil and ending up in our food.

As best our intentions are to use a reusable water bottle, sometimes we find ourselves in situations where that is not always an option (or we lose our bottle!). During those times it would be a blessing to be able to have the choice of using a more sustainable and eco-friendly method of staying hydrated. For example, when on a flight, at a convention or other environments where single-use plastics are frustratingly the norm.

Compared to traditional plastic bottles, Boxed Water has 18 times less environmental impact and a 36% lower carbon footprint due to its significantly more sustainable production process and materials. The use of a recyclable plant-based package instead of disposable plastic also means less damage to our oceans, with fewer microplastics being deposited into our soil and ending up in our food.

Originally founded in 2009 with the intent to both produce an environmentally friendly way to package water and help give back to environmental causes, Boxed Water has continued to deliver on those values. Through its online store and expanding retail presence, the company offers water in configurations ranging from 250ml up to one liter, plain and flavoured, in multipack varieties. They even have a range of matcha tea and super green packs for those seeking a unique kick of flavour. True to form, the outer packaging itself is boxed, again removing any reliance on plastic as part of the consumer experience.

Going Beyond

The company is continuing to deliver on its promise of giving back. As part of its ongoing pledge to support environmental efforts, Boxed Water has set a target to clean 3000 miles (4,828 kilometres!) of beaches in conjunction with Ocean Blue Project, with a portion of sales helping to support this mission.

Along with helping to reduce the negative effects of plastic on our oceans and marine ecosystems, Boxed Water has also planted over one million trees (1.2 million at date of publication) in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. This not only helps to offset production impact, but also yields a shift toward neutralising carbon emissions, and the good news is that you can help make a difference. For every social media post that includes #BetterPlanet, the company has pledged to donate two trees. So, get posting, and they’ll get planting.

Where You Can Find Them

Boxed Water is available across the United States and Canada in a multitude of cafe’s, convenience stores and markets. Check online for availability or order direct from BW. The company also has a wholesale program in place, and we look forward to seeing more sustainable options like Boxed Water available in grocers, supermarkets, cafes and anywhere else disposable bottled water is sold internationally. Speaking of, hats off to Alaska Air, who have recently switched to Boxed Water to help reduce their carbon emissions. It’s a small step, but a positive one.

Next time you are in the market for packaged water, consider reducing the use of harmful plastic packaging by choosing more eco-friendly alternatives like Boxed Water.

The environment will thank you.