Bearded man with hat staring outside an open train carriage.
Thor’s round-the-world journey was powered by trains, cars and buses… but no planes. Credit: Thor Pedersen/ABC News

Thor Pedersen set out on an adventure back in October 2013, that would see him travel to every recognised country in the world (and even a few that are in dispute). His trip took a total of 3,512 days, and saw him finally arrive at the Maldives, country 203 for those keeping track, this past Tuesday.

But what makes Thor’s story an even bigger deal is that he achieved becoming one of the most travelled people in the world without the use of an airplane. Instead, he used all manner of transport, from buses to shipping containers and of course, good old fashion walking.

I cannot remember a country I’ve gotten to where I did not receive some sort of kindness or support from people.

Thor Pedersen

Thor dubbed the project, ‘Once Upon A Saga’, and has been documenting every leg of his journey. Surviving on just $20 USD a day, Thor spent a minimum of 24 hours in each country, though the pandemic had him stuck in Hong Kong for two years. Read more about his amazing adventure at the link.

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