A white EV charging cable plugged into car.
The corridor will link cross-border cities between the US and Canada. Credit: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

Owners of electric vehicles who are looking to make the cross-country trek between the United States and Cananda will soon have more options, thanks to a brand-new network of chargers.

Representatives from the two countries gathered in Detroit last week to announce a joint-EV project which will see an international network of charging stations built between Michigan and Québec, passing along several major highways.

Canada and the US have built the world’s largest market-based energy trading relationship, which provides a firm foundation as we strive to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transport

As part of the project, dubbed The Binational EV Corridor, hundreds of new charging stations will be deployed along Candian and US highways. The partnership will see EV charging infrastructure deployed every 80 kilometres (50 miles) and will also feature some 50,00 new zero emission chargers added to Canada’s existing network. The full list of details, and how the new corridor factors into each country’s EV goals, can be found at the link.

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