With an abundance of plant-based chocolates to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to pick. Hazelnut, almond, nougat, cocoa or coconut? That’s why we bravely volunteered to sample some of the top chocs and give our verdict on which block (or bar) is best.

This is part of an ongoing chocolate review series comparing different forms and flavours of vegan-friendly and plant-based chocolatey goodness to find out which is the ultimate treat. See the rest of our delicious research here.

For our sweet study, our sample comprises a collection of international chocolate brands and features a mix of bars and blocks, though all are either almond or hazelnut based. We rated each on smoothness, tastiness, and how close each came to the description provided by the maker. So, without further delay, let’s meet our treats!

The Contenders

Loving Earth Almond Crunch

  • Facts: 880g, Organic, Direct Trade, Compostable packaging, Made in Australia.
  • They say: Full of crunchy roasted almonds in smooth cashew mylk chocolate.
  • We say: Very crunchy and packed with almond pieces. Not for sweet tooths.
  • Rating: 3/5

Pico Hazelnut M*lk

  • Facts: 80g, Organic, Fairtrade, Made in Switzerland.
  • They say: Creamy hazelnut m*lk chocolate with crunchy hazelnut pieces.
  • We say: The sweetest of the bunch. A very fine chocolate, with few hazelnut pieces.
  • Rating: 2/5

Vego Mini Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

  • Facts: 65g, Organic, Fairtrade, Made in Germany.
  • They say: Fantastic creamy hazelnut chocolate joy.
  • We say: Thick, rich and sweet, with huge pieces of hazelnut and a strong aroma.
  • Rating: 4/5

Chow Cacao Hazelnut Butter Crunch

  • Facts: 40g, Organic, Compostable Packaging, Made in Australia.
  • They say: Keepin’ it real with this creamy and crunchy hazelnut legend.
  • We say: Fine yet smooth, very sweet and without much hazelnut.
  • Rating: 2/5

Kresho Bar

  • Facts: 45g, Fairtrade, Made in Australia.
  • They say: Chewy nougat and slow roasted almonds with a beautiful crunch.
  • We say: Very chewy, huge almond pieces, thick and nougaty.
  • Rating: 5/5

Pana Organic Hazelnut Bar

  • Facts: 45g, Organic, Recycled packaging, Made in Australia.
  • They say: Fantastic creamy hazelnut chocolate joy.
  • We say: Their creamiest, crunchiest vegan chocolate bar.
  • Rating: 3/5

Best Overall

The Kresho bar was the hands down favourite as voted by our team of testers. Among the chocolates, this bar was constantly rated as the best of the bunch, with the team noting that it not only came closest to the description provided, but was also the most fun and surprising chocolate of them all. From the rich, yet tasty flavour, to the chewy nougat, the real (and big!) chunks of almond and the fresh nutty scent there is a lot to like about the Kresho bar.

Desert Island Confectionary are the makers of this delicious treat, and surprisingly it is their only product, meaning we can’t wait to see what other goodness they come up with. That said, with the Kresho bar it’s clear they have perfected perfection.

Kresho’s bar was best.

Best Hazelnut

Of all the hazelnut chocolates we sampled, the Vego Mini was easily the best. It might be marketed as a ‘tiny bar’, but don’t let the name fool you, as this chocolate packs a punch. The regular Vego comes in at 150g, just over double the mini’s 65g portion size, and we’d have trouble finishing it in a single sitting. Super rich and packed with big pieces of hazelnut, the Vego Mini has a strong and sweet flavour that sits with you, long after it has melted in your mouth. If you are in the mood for a hazelnut delight, Vego has you sorted.

Heavenly hazelnut.

Final Verdict

Whatever your opinion or taste, one thing is certain, and that is how awesome it is to see so many plant-based chocolate options available. Not only that, but all of these brands go beyond simple confectionary by offering various sustainability and social initiatives, such as donating a portion of proceeds to NGOs, fairtrade certification, recycled and compostable materials and much more.

So, what is your favourite plant-based chocolate bar? Be sure to let us know, as we are always on the hunt for great tasting, cruelty-free snacks. We will be back soon for another round of chocolate tasting, where we will take a walk on the ‘dark side’.

Until then, enjoy! ■