Let’s get wild. We’ve sourced sixteen surreal plant-based chocolates from around the world for the final round of our Chocolate Review Series. Gold-flecked caramel, custard creme, cheesecake and more. Time to find out which unconventional bar, block and bite-sized birthday ball is best.

This article is part of an ongoing chocolate review series comparing different forms and flavours of vegan-friendly and plant-based chocolatey goodness to find out which is the ultimate treat. See the rest of our delicious research here.

Fans of plant-based chocolate rejoice! The long-awaited final installment of our 2022 Chocolate Review Series is finally here. This time around we are ranking the wild, weird and wonderful bars, blocks and bite-sized treats that defy all convention. Crispy wafers, rocky road, peppermint creme and cheesecake flavours – no matter your taste, we’ve got something for everyone. In fact, this is our biggest review yet, as we are covering a total of sixteen international chocolates.

As usual, we’ve rated each on tastiness, texture, aroma, and how close each came to the description provided by the maker. To keep things simple, the field has been broken down into five categories, grouped as such due to their advertised flavour.

Let get to it and find out which oddball sweet rules supreme.

Packed with peanuts and marshmallows.

Rocky Roads

Chow Cacao Rocky Road Caramel

Packed with big pieces of peanut and chewy marshmallows, this is a special slab of chocolate. Good if you are after something fun, different and filling. Little noticeable smell. We love the sustainable packaging that is home compostable and is printed with soy ink.

  • Facts: 80g, organic Peruvian cacao, gluten free, fairtrade, hand-made in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • They say: Damn good chocolate that’s loaded with vegan marshmallows and roasted peanuts.
  • We say: Hits the spot.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Foods of Athenry Caramel Rocky Road Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Bar

The name of this snack sized bar is quite the mouthful, yet it delivers a simple and surprisingly light taste. Very sweet, crispy and without a strong flavour and no noticeable aroma. Free of GMO ingredients, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  • Facts: 55g, gluten free, GMO free, Belgian chocolate, made in Ireland.
  • They say: A delicious mix of caramel biscuit, dark chocolate and marshmallow.
  • We say: Crispy and very light.
  • Rating: 2/5
Creamy white chocolate goodness.

White Chocolates

LoveRaw Salted Caramel Cre&m Wafer Bar

A very smooth and creamy experience, though the caramel is easily overpowered by the sweetness of the white chocolate here. The crisp wafer offers some delicious crunch in a modest sized portion (it’s good there are two in each pack). If you like sweet, white chocolate treats with a crispy twist, this bar is for you.

  • Facts: 45g, twin-pack, no palm oil or artificial ingredients, made in Europe.
  • They say: Rich cream filling inside a crunchy wafer and silky-smooth caramel outer.
  • We say: Crispy and all around smooth white chocolate experience.
  • Rating: 3/5

Vego White Almond Bliss

Not too sweet, not too strong, this is white chocolate done right. Playful bits of roasted almond are noticeable and very welcomed, making for a refreshing twist on an old formula. Light scent of white chocolate.

  • Facts: 50g, organic, fairtrade, gluten free, made in Switzerland.
  • They say: The golden child. Roasted almond bits coated in cocoa butter and creamy white chocolate.
  • We say: The white chocolate standard bearer.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Loving Earth White Chocolate

Smooth white chocolate that melts easily in your mouth. Very strong smell and taste of coconut that overpowers the white chocolate. Sustainably packaged using recycled materials that are home compostable and printed with vegetable inks.

  • Facts: 80g, organic, cane sugar free, Indonesian coconut nectar, Peruvian cacao, made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • They say: Golden coconut nectar meets pure vanilla and creamy white chocolate.
  • We say: Nothing but coconut.
  • Rating: 1.5/5

Loving Earth Cream N Cookies

The crunch of cookie pieces and the smooth white chocolate make for a playful chocolate overall. Very strong notes of coconut, both in terms of taste and smell. Sustainably packed using recycled and compostable materials and printed with vegetable inks.

  • Facts: 45g, organic, gluten free, Indonesian coconut nectar, Peruvian cacao, made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • They say: Crunchy plant-based chocolate cookies meet white mylk chocolate.
  • We say: A fun treat, great for coconut lovers or those looking for something a bit different.
  • Rating: 3/5
A party in your mouth.

Birthday Treats

Chow Cacao Birthday Cookie Caramel

A mix between cookies, caramel and birthday cake. With a lingering sweetness, this one’s definitely for the sweet tooth’s out there. Crispy sprinkles makes for something a bit different. Light scent of coconut.

  • Facts: 80g, organic Peruvian cacao, gluten free, fairtrade, hand-made in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • They say: Dreamy caramel chocolate that’s packed full of cookie pieces and 100’s and 1000’s.
  • We say: The super sweet treat.
  • Rating: 2/5

Health Lab Birthday Cake Custard Balls

This is indeed a birthday party in your mouth. Strong smell of vanilla, matched with a unique cake-like experience from the moment you bite into these. It actually tastes like you are enjoying a small portion of birthday cake. The soft chocolate outer is light and creamy too and dusted with sprinkles. Overall, a very fun experience and perfect for sharing on actual birthdays.

  • Facts: 160g, 4-pack, organic, gluten free, palm oil free, no artificial flavours or colours, made in Australia.
  • They say: Layers of mylk chocolate, sprinkles, fluffy cake and a creamy custard centre.
  • We say: A fun, mini-desert.
  • Rating: 4/5

Caramel Chocolates

Go Max Go Jokerz Candy Bar

Similar to a Snickers bar. Chewy and packed with crunchy nuts, which help to neutralise the overall sweetness. The nougar and nuts help to make this a a very fun bar with a mild nutty scent.

  • Facts: 60g, gluten free, no GMO or artificial ingredients, made in the United States.
  • They say: Layers of buttery caramel, rich peanut nougat, dry roasted peanuts and delicious chocolate.
  • We say: Tasty, chewy and hits the spot. Great for sweeth tooths and those in need of a quick snack.
  • Rating: 4/5

Go Max Go Twilight Candy Bar

I’ve died and gone to chewy heaven. A very sweet chocolate that’s best left for indulging on occasionally. Strong notes of caramel that coats the whole mouth. Little to no scent.

  • Facts: 60g, gluten free, no GMO or artificial ingredients, made in the United States.
  • They say: Thick, buttery caramel, creamy chocolate coating and rich, fluffy nougat.
  • We say: Chewy and very smooth, yet equally sweet.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Loco Love Butter Caramel Pecan (w/ Cinnamon)

Easy to see why this is their most popular flavour! Simply the best caramel flavour and texture. Love the added probiotics for digestion and gut health, compostable wrapper and solar powered factory this delight came from. Tangy, creamy and delicious with a light scent of butterscotch and a giant pecan piece on top.

  • Facts: 70g, twin-pack, organic, gluten free, fair trade, made in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • They say: A delicious blend of vegan butterscotch caramel, cinnamon, maple roasted Eltham pecans and bittersweet dark chocolate.
  • We say: Buttery goodness!
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Loco Love Zingy Gingerbread Caramel (w/ Gold Dust)

Ginger lovers, this is your jam. A very chewy yet very crunchy chocolate with a strong taste and smell of ginger. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed, like a fresh ginger tea. Brings back memories of Christmas.

  • Facts: 70g, twin-pack, organic, gluten free, fair trade, made in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • They say: Crunchy gingerbread cookie pieces, chewy ginger caramel and edible 24k gold dust.
  • We say: A rich (ha!) treat that is the envy of every gingerbread lover.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Loving Earth Lemon Cheesecake Caramel

Strong taste and smell of lemon oil, mixed with a cheesy flavour, this caramel-white chocolate melts in the mouth. Cheesecake fans will enjoy, everyone else may not.

  • Facts: 80g, organic, cane sugar free, Indonesia coconut nectar, Peruvian cacao, made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • They say: A cheeky mixture of zesty lemon oil, signature caramel chocolate and golden coconut nectar.
  • We say: Lemon cheesecake inspired chocolate is a particular taste.
  • Rating: 2.5/5

The Rest

Loco Love Dark Peppermint Creme (w/ Matcha)

Strong mint flavour and smell, packed into the creamiest chocolate so far. Can see but not taste the matcha, with the superfood sprinkled on top. The mint does linger, but overall this is one of the smoother peppermint chocolates out there.

  • Facts: 70g, twin-pack, organic, gluten free, fair trade, made in Byron Bay, Australia.
  • They say: A 70% dark mint chocolate with a soft, peppermint creme filling.
  • We say: Peppermint that isn’t too bite-y, thanks to the creamy creme.
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Loving Earth Dirty Rose

Chocolate for romantics and the brave. The rose oil is both easily tasted and smelled, providing a refreshing experience and tangy cranberries add a unique flavour. Sustainably packaged and printed with vegetable inks. If you are a fan of rose-flavours, you will love this.

  • Facts: 45g, organic, direct trade, gluten free, Indonesia coconut nectar, Peruvian cacao, made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • They say: An exotic mix of tangy cranberries and dusky rose-infused mylk chocolate.
  • We say: Something different that’s not too sweet. It’s like eating a rose-flavoured Turkish delight.
  • Rating: 4/5

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Truffle

Easy to understand why this is an award-winning truffle (32 to be precise). With just four ingredients, this diminutive chocolate certainly packs a punch. Mousse-like, it really does melt in the mouth. Notes of cacao and hazelnut. Has a light aroma of dark chocolate.

  • Facts: 45g, organic, gluten free, soya free, palm oil free, Italian hazelnuts, Dominican chocolate, made in Europe.
  • They say: Organic vegan truffles that melt in your mouth.
  • We say: This tiny truffle is packed full of flavour and very luxurious.
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Best Overall

Booja-Booja’s Chocolate Truffle takes the win amongst a highly contentious pack of bizarre challengers. Unbelievable how this tiny truffle, with only four ingredients, can be so flavourful. It’s a richly decadent experience of a higher grade and well worth trying.

Booja-Booja Truffles are number one.

Special Mentions

Loco Love’s Butter Caramel Pecan just bearly missed out on first place, but is still an incredibly delicious chocolate treat. Both the Loco range and the Health Lab Birthday Cake Custard Balls make for great gifts, as their presentation and unique flavours are ideal for sharing.

Final Verdict

This was a tough one. We had no idea what to expect, other than fun. It was a real treat to try out some of the more wacky and wild chocolates out there and we enjoyed experiencing some new flavours from some old favourites. Sprinkles, custard balls, lemon cheesecake, gold flakes and super foods. We tried it all, in the name of science.

Also great to see was the fact that almost all of these chocolates were either organic, gluten free, fair trade or made using eco-friendly resources. And virtually every brand featured some form of sustainable packaging, which shows the increasing commitment to environmental initiatives, proving that it’s possible to make low-impact, plant-based treats which taste great.

Did we review your favourite plant-based chocolate bar? Let us know what you thought and be sure to suggest any others we may have missed. This brings us to the end of the Chocolate Review Series. We will be back soon to crown a winner.

Until then, stay sweet! ■