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Here’s our comprehensive review of Zero Co’s personal care and home cleaning products. We put the company’s eco-friendly items to the test to see how these sustainable solutions stack up. Is it possible to go zero-waste without sacrificing quality?

Earlier this year we were introduced to Zero Co, makers of eco-friendly personal care and home cleaning products. This Australian company is on a mission to help reduce the use of disposal plastics through a circular, zero-waste process involving recycled packaging, refillable consumables and regular environmental clean-ups. Our initial review focused on exploring Zero Co’s unique approach to eliminating single-use plastics from everyday items in the home. We came away so impressed that we just had to get Zero Co founder Mike Smith on the horn to walk us through where this amazing company had materialised from and where it was going. He spoke to us about his passion for cleaning up the planet, the company’s goal to un-trash our environment and how we could all play a big part just by implementing a few small changes to our daily routines.

The company is on target to remove 1.5 million water bottles worth of rubbish from the ocean by the end of 2022.

For those unfamiliar, Zero Co offer a wide range of products available in recycled-plastic refillable pouches. These pouches are designed to be transferred into either your own containers or the company’s ‘forever bottles‘, which are likewise made from recycled ocean, beach and landfill waste. Once used, pouches can be returned to Zero Co (via a postage-paid mailer) where they will be refilled and reused as needed, helping to bust the cycle of single-use-plastics found in similar products. Items can be purchased online as needed, or via a convenient subscription service, where you can enjoy the benefit of a discounted rate and regular cadence of supplies. What started as an ambitious Kickstarter project just a few years ago has already had a huge impact on the environment; the company is on target to remove 1.5 million water bottles worth of rubbish from the ocean by the end of 2022.

Following our first outing, we are now back with a comprehensive review, taking a deeper dive on several products across the company’s personal care and home cleaning lines. This time we are putting a variety of everyday essentials to the test, as well as the dynamic bottles they live in, scoring each on quality, functionality, price and performance overall.

Curious to see how these planet-saving products fair? Read on.

One More Thing

Recently, Zero Co announced a new ecological initiative aimed at creating even more lasting environmental change, the 100 Year Cleanup. The goal is to foster inter-generational efforts to help remove rubbish across the planet through a series of daring and adventurous cleanups that will see millions of plastic products removed from our oceans, mountains and beaches. You can get involved by spreading the word or helping to sponsor a cleanup. Each $100 AUD raised will fund the equivalent removal of the 1,500x 600ml water bottles worth of rubbish.

Personal Care Product Reviews

Bodywash Combo

If you are after a bodywash that leaves you feeling fresh and clean, with a delightful scent, then this is for you. It lathers up nicely and feels soft and smooth on the skin. It features a light fragrance that doesn’t overpower or linger on clothes. We’ve previously reviewed the Mandarin, Finger Lime & Chamomile fragrance, which is equally awesome. Extra points for the handy pump-style forever bottle, which has good travel, giving you fine control over how much you use. The bottle also feels as though it will last a long time (as the name implies!).

  • Facts: 1L reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Saffron & Tallowwood fragrance.
  • They say: Refreshing bodywash with a consistent lather that will leave you feeling squeaky clean.
  • We say: The bodywash feels great during and after use. Pump bottle is excellent and combo is good value for the price.
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Body Lotion Combo

A quick absorbing body lotion that leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. Features a mild, almost spicey fragrance, which fades over time. The lotion absorbs into the skin very quickly and doesn’t require much massaging at all. Oddly, skin can feel sticky after applying if exposed to hot weather and perspiration (even if applied to dry skin). Pump bottle is once again a highlight allowing for precision control over how much lotion you disperse. Slightly difficult to refill due to viscosity, would love to see a tweak to the formula or funnel for added accessibility.

  • Facts: 500ml reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Orange Rind & Macadamia fragrance.
  • They say: Lotion that leaves you with silky smooth skin and lasting hydration.
  • We say: A decent pickup if you are after some quick absorbing, hydrating lotion, but can react to sweat and moisture. Priced competitively.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Shampoo Combo

A shampoo that doesn’t discriminate. We trialed this on a variety of hair types and came away with fresh, clean hair that felt great every time. It lathers up nicely to a decent foam and has a refreshing, citrus-like scent. The sturdiness of the bottle unfortunately lends itself to being hard to use and we’d recommend swapping it for a pump bottle instead if you find yourself struggling to squeeze it out. Initially, the combo is somewhat on the pricier side, though this works better in the long run once you factor in the reduced cost of refills vs buying a standalone product each time.

  • Facts: 1L reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Bergamot, Cucumber & Cedarwood fragrance.
  • They say: Shampoo minus the silicones and toxic chemicals, suitable for all hair types.
  • We say: Leaves you with clean and shiny hair that smells great. Bottle is tough to use and combo is a bit pricey.
  • Rating: 3/5

Home Cleaning Product Reviews

Dishwashing Liquid Combo

What all dishwashing liquid should aspire to be when they grow up. Perfectly sudsy, smells great and gets through dirty dishes with ease. The fragrance has a notable citrusy, lime scent that adds a touch of organic goodness and helps to eliminate any food-odours. Liquid pours out of the bottle nicely and there is no hard squeezing required; just tip and it will travel at an easily controllable speed onto your sponge. All this at a great price too.

  • Facts: 1L reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Finger Lime & Davidson Plum fragrance.
  • They say: Mind-blowingly good, will leave your dishes sparkling.
  • We say: Exactly as described. It’s our favourite Zero Co product thus far.
  • Rating: 5/5

Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Combo

This bathroom & shower cleaner makes for good times. It’s a jack of all trades that actually delivers. The spray bottle makes reaching hard to get places a breeze and ensures an even application over target areas. It works well to remove stains, dirt and grime and helps keep the bathroom and shower looking clean, shiny and smelling fresh. Best of all, it doesn’t leave any marks or streaks behind. Treating problem areas with a pre-spray works well too.

  • Facts: 500ml reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Blue Gum & Jasmin fragrance.
  • They say: A supercharged cleaner that will leave your bathroom and shower sparkling.
  • We say: Another easy recommend. Delivers on all fronts and is priced very inexpensively.
  • Rating: 4.5/5

Stain Remover Combo

A decent stain remover that is capable of removing lite stains and adding some vibrance back to dull whites. Will begin to foam and lather if rubbed against fabric. A very pleasant smell, reminiscent of fresh linen. The spray bottle is much preferred compared to messing about with sneeze-inducing pre-soak powders. Comes in at an affordable price point too.

  • Facts: 500ml reusable refill pouch + 500ml forever bottle, plant-based formula, Lemon Myrtle & Australian Grey Gum fragrance.
  • They say: Keep your clothes clean with this powerful stain remover.
  • We say: Works well on lite stains, comes in a handy spray bottle and is affordable.
  • Rating: 3/5

Pricing Chart

$AUDGets You
$11.99Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Combo (500ml forever bottle + 500ml refill)
$12.99Stain Remover Combo (500ml forever bottle + 500ml refill)
$15.99Dishwashing Liquid Combo (500ml forever bottle + 1L refill)
$19.99Bodywash Combo (500ml forever bottle + 1L refill)
$20.99Body Lotion Combo (500ml forever bottle + 500ml refill)
$24.99Shampoo Combo (500ml forever bottle + 1L refill)

Final Verdict

Overall, these are great products that are helping to support an even greater cause; caring for our environment. Affordably priced and high-quality, using these items leaves you not only feeling fresh and clean, but good on the inside too, with the knowledge that you didn’t have to sacrifice performance or break the bank when opting for eco-friendly products. Zero Co makes it easy to choose sustainable alternatives that are as good or better than many leading, non-sustainable products on the market today. ■


Zero Co

Good Stuff

  • High quality products
  • Great dishwashing liquid, bodywash
  • Recycled bottles and pouches
  • Easy to order and refill
  • Fun branding and attractive products
  • Spray bottles rock
  • Competitively priced

Bad Stuff

  • Body lotion challenging to refill
  • Shampoo is pricey, bottle restrictive

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