The team at Zero Co are back on another audacious environmental mission. Coinciding with World Oceans Day, the company set out to simultaneously clean up all seven seas in a huge international effort. It’s the latest in Zero Co’s 100YR Cleanup, which most recently saw the team travel to Egypt to build the world’s largest plastic pyramid (made from recovered plastic waste).

Helmed by founder Mike Smith, the crew plunged into the depths of the Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour to remove plastic pollution. With public support, the 100YR Cleanup initiative has seen the company remove the equivalent of over one million plastic water bottles from the environment and on track to clean up around 15 million over the course of the project’s first year.

World Oceans Day is a global celebration of the world’s oceans, but also a day of action for us to protect the seas, from climate change and from pollution.

Mike Smith, Founder of Zero Co

Broadcast live online, the company was joined by scuba divers across India, Egypt, UK, Australia, Argentia, Brazil and Canada, as part of a coordinated cleanup effort.

Hit the link to find out more about the latest cleanup and where the company is planning to go next. You can also help support these initiatives by sponsoring a rubbish bundle – every bit helps to remove hundreds, if not thousands, of discarded water bottles from the planet.

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