Plastic is a problem, to the tune of nearly sixty million metric tonnes shipped around the world each year and growing. Thankfully, there are ways you can reduce your plastic usage through eco-conscious consumer choices and investing in low-impact products. Zero Co is a household and personal care company focused on reducing single-use plastic through the use of sustainable materials and a carbon neutral refill program. We recently put the company’s new Bodycare products to the test.

There are a lot of companies that claim to do right by the environment, and lots of noise being made in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) space. Unfortunately, once you dig beneath the surface many of these claims tend to unravel, amounting to little more than greenwashing – the practice of crafting an environmentally responsible public image through disinformation. That’s not to say that all companies promoting eco-conscious products and processes are disingenuous, but rather there is still a long way to go to help address the mounting environmental challenges as a result of poor consumer choices and industry practices.

Zero Co is one company to get excited about. Not only to they walk the talk when it comes to environmental responsibility, but they do it with flair and at an affordable price point. This Australian company was founded by Mike Smith in 2019 as a Kickstarter projected aimed at pushing back against the rising global plastic problem, eventually earning nearly $1million AUD from thousands of committed backers in just a few months. One year later (and in the midst of a global pandemic) the first shipments began rolling out, and since then the company has doubled down on its big bet to help consumers transition away from single-use plastics by expanding beyond its initial Home Cleaning range to include a line of Bodycare products. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free, use plant-based formulas, are made locally in Australia, are grey water safe and palm oil free. The team also regularly participates in ocean cleanups and lets you track the impact your order has had – so there is a lot to love right there. We’ve decided to test out the new Mandarin, Finger Lime & Chamomile Bodywash Combo to see just what all the fuss is about.

Easy To Order

Not only is ordering a breeze, but the prices are affordable, showing that being eco-conscious does not have to cost you the earth!

Ordering from Zero Co was simple, straightforward and speedy. As a first-time buyer, we opted for the Bodywash Combo as it came with a 1-Litre refill pouch (filled with our choice of Mandarin, Finger Lime & Chamomile bodywash) and an empty 500ml ‘Forever Bottle”, made from Ocean, Beach and Landfill (OBL) plastic. The refillable pouch is also made from materials intended for landfill, so both products receive a tick for helping to reduce the use of single-use plastics right out of the gate. The company also offers a range of refillable pouches and sustainably made containers across their Home Cleaning line and Starter Kits with plenty of options for the home (and office). For repeat purchases, the refillable pouches are the way to go, but more on that later.

Not only is ordering a breeze, but the prices are affordable, showing that being eco-conscious does not have to cost you the earth! For example, our Bodywash combo was on sale for $19.99 AUD (down from $21.99), which got us the bottle and refill pouch and regular 1-Litre refills come in at $15. Compared to other eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, we are in the same ballpark pricewise, as a 500ml will usually go for around $10 and a 1-Litre costs anywhere from $13-$18. And each purchase is yet another single-use plastic bottle that has to be dealt with. Plus, Zero Co offers a subscription option, which shaves off a further 10% (down to $13.50) and includes free shipping. You can also custom build the subscription to you needs, including only the products you require, from shampoo to handwash, laundry liquid and stain removers, pausing or making additional one-off purchases at any time as required.

One week after ordering, our goods were delivered to the door via carbon-negative shipping.

Surprisingly Delightful

From the moment we received our goodies, we found ourselves chuckling at the cute cartoons and messages scattered throughout. Upon opening the box we were greeted with our bottle, pouch and also a pre-paid refill-return envelope for us to send back our used pouches. Collecting enough pouches (around 15) and sending them back in bulk using the supplied mailer means the entire process becomes carbon offset. The refill pouch featured an easily removable twist-cap and was sturdy enough to stand upright as we read all the features as printed on the back. Refilling was also a breeze as the screw top of the Forever Bottle (which comes in a nice light-olive shade) was simple enough to remove. The nozzle on the pouch did not drip after refilling and the pouch remained sturdy enough to stand upright, even with half of its contents removed.

The bodywash itself had a pleasant scent, fruity and fresh but not overpowering. It lathered up quite nicely and didn’t feel too gel-like, with the pump on top of the bottle providing good travel with each depress. This one doesn’t feel as though it will jam or stick, and appears to be a premium package thus far in its short life, living up to its “Forever” moniker. We tested the bodywash for two weeks across various skin types (including sensitive skin) and everyone who used it was very happy with the feel of the product.

Final Verdict

There is a lot to love about Zero Co, but mainly the fact that they do what they say and are consistent with their messaging and environmental promises by delivering a high quality, sustainable product at an affordable price. That’s not to say we weren’t pleasantly surprised by the thought and effort behind so many aspects of this company and its offerings, which is always welcome. It’s nice to see consistency and attention to detail that runs deep from a company that is clearly committed to cleaning up the environment, and we look forward to sampling more Zero Co goods in the near future. ■


Zero Co Bodywash

Good Stuff

  • Eco-friendly & cruelty-free
  • Affordable vs similar products
  • Large range (home & personal)
  • High quality
  • Easy ordering & refill program

Bad Stuff

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Best deal via subscription

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