What is A Modern Remedy?

Health. Tech. Sustainability.

Our mission

We are a solutions focused platform, for people and the planet.

The times we are living through present many challenges and even more opportunities. Our aim is to focus on the latter. Through our content we choose to spotlight possibilities and progress, in order to help make this world a better place. The intersections of health, technology and sustainability are dynamic spaces full of interesting and important stories.

A Modern Remedy seeks to tell those tales.

Our values

What we stand for defines the work that we do, and how we do it.

Solutions: We approach the challenges of today with skeptical optimism, preferring to take a solutions focused approach that fosters hope and inspires others to join in.

Fairness: We are committed to journalistic efforts that are fair, ethical and unbiased in every instance.

Harmony: We strive to operate in a mindful and sustainable matter, using and endorsing products and services that leave as little of a footprint as possible, whilst reducing any impact on our planet or its inhabitants.

Creativity: A.I is powerful tool with many useful applications, however 100% of our work is generated by A.H (Actual Humans). And until the machines take over, our content strategy will continue to involve producing content created by humans, for humans.

Futurism: We embrace innovative technology and celebrate dynamic changemakers who shake up the status quo in service of a better tomorrow.

Our ethics statement

Since we launched in 2021, A Modern Remedy has been committed to producing unbiased journalism. To achieve this, we have operated under a strict ethics policy to ensure we can deliver on that promise and uphold our integrity and independence. Our code of conduct includes:

  • We do not make paid endorsements.
  • We disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  • We do not seek editorial approval from subjects prior to publishing.
  • We do not accept goods, values or services in exchange for favourable content.

If you have questions or concerns regarding our content, please reach out to us at

Our products and services

A Modern Remedy is more than just a website, we are a family of seamlessly integrated services who aim to deliver fact-based news, informed analysis and insightful content to help our audience navigate a rapidly changing world. Our network includes:

  • A Modern Remedy: Our flagship, the main site where we post news, reviews, interviews and features.
  • Quick Takes: Short-form news and analysis on trending topics. An antidote to algorithms, replacing feeds with fun facts.
  • New Ways: Our audio show, featuring inspiring conversations with a cast of innovative changemakers.
  • Limelight: Our free newsletter, published monthly, featuring a wrap-up of our content.
  • AMR Pro: Our members program. Subscribers enjoy exclusive content, editorials, first look at special features and community benefits.

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