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A Modern Remedy works with organisations and individuals that want to make a difference.
Through strategic digital transformation, we can help you affect positive change at scale.
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The challenge

You’re someone that wants to make the world a better place, who cares about people and the planet, offering products and services that create positive impact.

But how do you cut through all the noise, connect with people and make a difference?

How AMR can help

As a values-driven, solution focused consulting firm, we’re dedicated to helping our clients master their message and maximise their reach.

AMR is an accelerator for your business, powered by evidence-based strategy and impactful industry insights. We partner with businesses and individuals that care, unlocking their potential and helping build a brighter future, together.

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Industries we serve

Accelerate your impact

Driving powerful growth through innovative thinking.

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We work closely with our clients to develop effective business strategies, identify growth opportunities and help them maximise their impact.

We design comprehensive ESG strategies that focus on care, not just about compliance. And with advent of the regenerative economy, it’s also a driver of long-term value, for people and planet.

We craft unmistakable brand expressions, reimagine existing systems and amplify your presence with an intriguing yet powerful brand identity.

We guide our clients in developing their unique tone of voice, consistent brand guidelines and naming systems.

We can advise on creating content that connects, is SEO friendly and AI-proof. Great content should not only be compelling, but accessible and visually striking too.

We unlock service optimisation and experience design uplift opportunities that will delight your clients. Reimagine your processes and workflows to be faster and deliver greater impact.

We leverage the latest industry research to help you make evidence-based decisions through testing, data and performance analytics.

Gain insight on your audience and learn how they interact with your brand with rich user feedback that can be used to optimise your offering.


New Ways

New Ways is a show from A Modern Remedy that explores solutions at the intersection of health, technology and sustainability. Join us as we speak to a cast of innovative changemakers and uncover insights, strategies and personal pathways to help us rethink the challenges of our rapidly evolving world.

Addressing the future of the show + What’s a modern remedy? | Season 1 highlights

Some big show news, reflections on the last nine episodes, and highlights from our debut season.
Russell Baker, founder of AMR and host of New Ways.

The latest insights + analysis

We analyse the latest industry developments, examining how brands and businesses are making an impact in our ever-changing world.

Inside the decisions, metrics and outcomes that led to us becoming another ex-X brand.
Establishing our voice, lessons learned, and what the future holds.

Eco Chic: Your guide to sustainable fashion

Because textile waste is so last season.

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